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Kamandi, Doctor Canus, Spirit and Pyra are all inside of Pyra's ship. She tells them of a garbled signal she has received relating to the Great Disaster. Kamandi, anxious to resume his search for Ben Boxer leaves the ship and walks outside.

A group of Bat-Men swarm down and attacks the group, but Kamandi keeps them at bay with a stick. Pyra emits a high-frequency sound wave from her ship, which scares the Bat-Men off.

Meanwhile, Sacker has gathered together a conglomerate consisting of Trap, Sultin, Ramjam and the Great Caesar to conspire upon a plan to stop Kamandi once and for all. Sacker hires a bounty hunter named Mylock Bloodstalker and his aide, Doile. After the two hunters receive their instructions, they board a motor-bike and ride off in search of Kamandi.

Later, Kamandi and Spirit leave the others to search for Ben Boxer, Steve and Renzi. As they hike deeper and deeper into the South American jungles, a group of Toucan-Men fly out and attack them. They apprehend the two and bring them back to an ancient Incan temple, where they prepare them for sacrifice. Kamandi convinces the Toucans that he is in fact a divine entity and strikes a temporary peace with them. He convinces them to provide Spirit and he with food and information before resuming his search for Ben and the others.

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