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Kamala Khan was the youngest of two children from a traditional Pakistani Family in New Jersey. Despite her traditional roots, Kamala was the typical American teenager. Wanting to be herself but still make her family proud. For several years, Kamala was a fan of superheroes especially the Avengers and more importantly, Carol Danvers. So much that she started writing online fan-fiction about the Avengers and Captain Marvel. Even going as far as joining the Carol Danvers Corps online.

It was during a high school party that Kamala decided to try and fit in with the "regular crowd" that Kamala realized that it wasn't for her. She left the party abruptly and on her way home was encased by the Terrigen Mists that were released during Infinity revealing that Kamala was a descendant of the Inhumans. Encased in a cocoon, her Inhuman powers developed. Kamala was put in a dream like state where a dream avatar of Captain Marvel asked her: "Who do you want to be?" Kamala replied: "I want to be you." In doing so, she burst from the cocoon looking exactly like Carol in her old black unitard costume. After a panic, Kamala learned she had gained shape shifting powers. Able to change her appearance or parts of her body at will. She eventually changed back to her own appearance and took on the identity of the all-new, Ms. Marvel intending to be a superhero like Carol.

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