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Jack Kalloway was born and raised in the small town of Goderich, Ontario in 1914. In about 1935 he travelled to New York, with the hope of making a steady job out of his love of cartooning. He was able to survive for some time on the earnings from this work, however at some point in or after 1939 he returned to Canada, serving in the Canadian Army during the Second World War. He returned briefly to New York following the war, but soon returned to Canada, moving to the small town of Strathroy, where he married a woman named Helen in 1959. The pair had a single child, a daughter named Susan, the following year. In 1961 he founded the family real estate business in Strathroy, a job for which he was well-suited. By this point he had abandoned cartooning. In 1971 his wife died in a car accident. He died on November 6th, 1979 of a heart attack. He was 65.


Kalo was created by Seth.  

Major Story Arcs

It's A Good Life, If You Don't Weaken 

Kalo becomes the point of obsession for dissatisfied Toronto-based cartoonist Seth, who dedicates himself to learning everything he can about the mysterious cartoonist's life and work. By the time Seth first learns his name in 1987 Kalo has already been dead for several years, however the lure of the mystery continues to pull at Seth, who travels to Strathroy to interview his surviving relatives.  

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