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The father of Arani Desai (a.k.a. Celsius). Though born in poverty in Calcutta, India, Ashok Desai gained a science degree at Oxford University. He returned to India, determined to cure his country's social ills. Desai's wife died giving birth to their daughter, who would grow up to become Celsius of the Doom Patrol. Ironically, Desai's association with the Patrol's founder and leader - Niles Caulder - years before the groups founding, involved experiments that horribly mutated Desai's body, making him a living dimensional gateway. Believing himself to be the living incarnation of the Hindu god Kalki, deity of destruction, Desai amassed wealth and power before targeting the Doom Patrol and his own daughter Arani for revenge. During that conflict, Kalki was sucked through the dimensional gateway in his own body! His ultimate fate is unknown.

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