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Born around the age of the gods such as Zeus and Hera, she has shaped the world of India from ancient times. As a death God she commands a certain amount of dread and freight that few other Indian gods do. 
She has been a sworn enemy of Skanda for ages and the two hate each other passionately. 
In modern times she and  Dr.Doom's daughter entered into an undisclosed contract and after allowing the girl free reign in India she promptly took possession of Dr.Doom's daughter and later did battle with the mutant superhero team GeNext
However as fate would have it she was defeated but unknown to her opponents she still resides within Sophie. She swears revenge on Genext for her defeat.


She has superhuman strength, speed, endurance, intelligence and senses. She also draws power from the dead and dyig as the goddess of death. She can also comandeer the bodies of anyone whether through possession or by way of magic. As a goddess she also has vast reserves of magical energy with which to cast any number of spells. 
She also has a certain degree of control over the souls of mortals, able to pull souls from bodies and even "reincartane" whomever she wills.

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