Could Kakuzu use ice and plant attacks?

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First a rundown on my theory:

Hearts in the Narutoverse are the source of chakra, and people's chakra possess a single elemental affinity which not only allows the individual to learn that specific element easier than any other, but also allows them to use much more powerful techniques with that element than any other. However, Yamato's bloodline limit gifts him with two elemental affinities, water and earth. By utilizing both of these elemental affinities at the same time while performing a technique, Yamato can create trees and various wooden structures. Haku also has a bloodline ability that gives him two affinities, water and wind, which allow his to create ice when he uses the two affinities at the same time.

Kakuzu had 5 hearts with 5 different affinities, and was able to use more than one heart's affinity at a time. Was it a plot device that the water heart was the first one destroyed so that Kakuzu couldn't use wood and ice techniques during the battle (or so Kishimoto wouldn't have to explain why Kakuzu could or couldn't use ice and wood attacks) or would he need a bloodline limit to utilize those abilities?

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probably but seeing how he is dead we would never know for sure

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I don't know... he might not be able to because Kakashi stabbed through one of his hearts at the beginning of the battle and we don't know which one it was so....

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Kakuzu hearts used 4 of the 5 elements, and had 4 masks plus the one in his chest, so I assume it was the water heart that Kakashi destroyed. But I'm just saying, what if it was the lightning heart that Kakashi destroyed instead? Do you guys think Kakuzu could had used ice and wood techniques?

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no he just have 5 hearts and five elements fire, earth, water, wind and lightning

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sombody answer me plz?

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Yeah, but I wonder if it wasn't possible for him to use the hearts' affinities at the same time to simulate the 1st Hokage's and Haku's blood-line limits.

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Post Deleted.

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he only make a little appearance on NARUTO so we still dont know much about him.

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