what's under the mask?

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i think he cover his mouth becasue he dont wnt to talk about his father.

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I think you're an idiot

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How does covering one's mouth prevent you from talking about your father? So he's wearing a mask. I can still ask him about his family and his love life, and properly insult him over both, because it's only safe to assume this Kakashi is a person I would hate.

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Post Deleted.

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hidan says:

"i think he cover his mouth becasue he dont wnt to talk about his father."

seriously i thought this would be an okay post and then i read this

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what 's under the mask???an another mask(of cource)

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He covers his mouth to hide his identity so that no one from a neighboring country will notice him as an old opps member and try to kill him. for instance in the episode of shippuden with kankuro poisoned how the granny chio person noticed him for his white hair and looks as the person who killed her son and tried to kill him.

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