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Kairi is the most important female character in the whole Kingdom Hearts series.

Kairi is a girl born in the world Radiant Garden later known as Hollow Bastion. Her heart is made of the X-Blade. When she was 4, she met Aqua and inadvertently touched her Keyblade. Aqua cast a spell on Kairi in which the light of Kairi's would lead to the light of another. A couple of years later, she was sent to Destiny Islands by Xenahort's Heartless. Xenahort wanted to see the connection between a princess of the heart and the Keyblade chosen bearer. When she was left at Destiny Islands, Kairi appeared one night, confused about why were sparkles coming out of the ocean and were floating until they were in the sky and became stars. Sora and Riku appeared and they both thought she was too pretty. Kairi stayed since that night in Destiny Island with no recollection about her past, but she really didn´t care about recollecting that part of her past, because she was happy at Destiny Islands. She lived there happy with Sora, a 14 year old boy with spiky hair and also with Riku, a 15 year old white-hair boy. Although they were all close friends, Sora and Riku liked Kairi almost since the beggining since the only girl on the island was Selphie but they thought she was too manipulator and she wasn´t pretty enough. Sora and Riku realized they both were after the same girl and they became a little competitive for her attention. Kairi noticed a little about Sora and Riku´s reaction when she was close to each of them. There are many proves to conclude their affection to Kairi. They even raced towards the papou fruit (it is the fruit that if two share it, their destinies chaines and will be together forever) and Riku said the first who arrives, will share it with Kairi. They both liked her too much, they even started to begin being rivals.

Sora, Riku and Kairi had an idea of making a boat to sail away from Destiny Islands, with the intention of knowing the outsider world. Sora was asleep until he knew some rare creatures were attacking their home island and the raft was destroyed. He went to look for his friends and found out that Riku has given himself to the darkness so he went to look for Kairi. He had earned the keyblade and saw Kairi at the secret cave. Kairi stared at the door that Riku had oppened and were the heartless came from. Kairi turned at Sora and suddenly a strong wind pushed her towards Sora. Sora opened his arms to catch her and protect her, but as soon she was in his arms, she vanished into sparkles. Sora had been dragged into a tornado and sucked up until he ended in Transverse Town.

As soon as Sora woke up he made his promise to look for Kairi and later Riku.

Riku as knowing where had Kairi been dragged to, he went to her. As soon as he saw her she was in a vegetal-like-state. Riku had was informed that her heart wasn´t in her anymore, he asumed that th heartless has stole her heart. Riku was lured by Malificient to join them so he could bring Kairi back to normal.

Sora had finally arrived to Neverland after a long time, now knowing the plot of the worlds, the heartless, what Riku had become, and still with the promise of finding her. He had already met Donald and Goofy, which he has been travelling with all the time. Sora was separated from Donald and Goofy by Riku, so he stops at Captain Hook´s ship to look for them. Sora runs and stares at the sky... "I never think you´d come Sora, good to see you again" as he turns and sees Riku and asks him "Were are Donald and Goofy" as for Riku says dissapointed "Are they that important to you.. more important than old friends?!.. Instead of worrying about them, you should be asking... about her" Riku steps aside and lets Sora sees for the first time, Kairi in the strange state, sitting weak staring at the floor. Sora reacts shouting her name as Riku says "That´s right, while you were off goofing around, I finally found her". Sora runs towards Kairi as Captain Hook appears and says to Sora "Not so fast. No shenanigans aboard my vessel, boy". Sora sees Riku dissapointed and says "Riku, why are you siding with the Heartless?" Riku responds "The heartless obey me now, Sora. Now I have nothing to fear". Sora, raged, tells him "You´re stupid. Sooner or later they will swallow your hearts" as Riku confident says "Not a chance. My heart´s too strong" Sora said "Riku..." disappionted. Riku careless about their friendship says "I´ve picked up another few tricks as well, like this for instance..." Riku raises his hand and a heartless-looking like Sora popped of the floor and Sora was terrified " can go see your friends now" as the floor were Sora stood opened and he fell. Riku told Captain Hook "Let´s get under way, already" as he walks away and turns back at him "And keep Sora away from Kairi until we are ready to land". Captain Hook complained with Smith about why did he had to obey him. Sora finally meets Donald and Goofy and tells them to go and see Kairi. They gather and met with Peter Pan due to him also lost Wendy. Tinker Bell arrives and gives them the exact location about were they both are. Riku appears with the Captain and told him that Wendy was not the 7th Princess of Heart, the Captain complains about why did he make him capture her until Smith tells them both that Sora, Donald and Goofy had escaped. Peter Pan, Sora, Donald, Goofy and Tinker Bell finally arrive as they are one floor down, but there was a hole-floor and could see through it. Wendy hears Peter and asks "Peter? Peter Pan?" Peter exclaims "Wendy!" Wendy informs him "Please, hurry!. The pirates are coming!". Peter Pan said "What? I´ll be right there just hold on". Sora in a shy voice asks for Wendy as she responds "Yes?" and Sora said "Is there another girl in there with you??". Wendy stands her head and notices Kaii "Oh why, yes..but she seems to be asleep, she hasn´t butched and inch". Sora preocupied asks "Kairi? Kairi!" (Wendy rans towards an dresser pushing it) Sora raises his hand asking for her seeing her. Sora was losing hope of her strongering his arm as Kairi´s hand twitched. Sora exclaimed of hapiness and let out a "Ha!!". Some steps came towards the 2 girls, Wendy shouted as Kairi has being dragged. "Wendy? Hey let´s get up there" as the try to get up there. Sora, Peter, Donald, Goofy and Tink went almost all Neverland across. Sora tried to find Kairi to push her away from Riku until he had been reasonable. Sora were Riku was heading with Kairi and followed them. Finally they went inside the ship in a room. Sora ran alone in the room¨, he didn´t see Riku and Kairi until he turned to his right and saw them. "Riku, wait!" said Sora as Riku was carriyng Kairi still in the state. Riku carrying Kairi walked backwards until a portal reached and they both dissapeared. The heartkes with the form of Sora appeared and they battled. Sora won at last as he and Peter tried to look for Riku and Kairi, but Peter saw Wendy lying on the floor unconcious. Peter tells Sora "Well this is as far as I can go. I´ve gotta help Wendy" he carried her and flyed away. Sora battled along with Donald and Goofy until they both met Captain Hook as he complained again "Quite a cod fish that Riku, running off with that girl without even saying a goodbye.." Sora exclaimed "Run off where? tell me, where did he go?!". The Captain said "To the ruins of Hollow Bastion, where Maleficient resides..but you wont be going there, unless you intend to leave your little pixie friend behind?" as he showed Tinker Bell trapped. They finally fight with him as Peter arrives and they defeat them. At last Sora stands in the ship as Goofy, Donald and Peter are behind him and Goofy tells Donald "Uh, Kairi couldn´t wake up, so maybe she´s really lost her---" as he puts his hand in his chest, meaning the heart. Donald said sh to him. Peter said "Sora?" and Sora says shocked "I still can´t believe it... I really flew! Wait ´till I see Kairi... I wonder is she´d believe me, probably not" "You can bring her to Neverland sometime. Then she can try it herself!" said Peter, "If you believe, you can do anything, right?" said Sora as the nodded "I´ll find Kairi, I know I will... There is so much I want to tell her--- about flying, the pirates, and everything else that´s happened". They fly back to the clock tower, were the keyhole lies as Sora closes it. Sora says goodbye as Tinker Bell follows him.

Kairi's heart has mysteriously vanished assuringly by the Heartless, and Maleficent tricks Riku into joining her and he sets out to find her heart. The true ruler

Sora and Kairi

of the Heartless Ansem grants dark powers to Riku to assist, as he slowly takes him over. Sora confronts Riku learning he has a sort of Keyblade, one that unlocks peoples hearts. He defeats Riku. Later when fighting for Kairi´s heart, he finds that the Heartless didn´t stole the hearts... it was in Sora. Knowing the answer to the problem, the only way to return Kairi´s heart, is by releasing it from him, but there is a consequence. If he fees the heart, his heart could be lost and Sora could be taking the path to death. Sora, not knowing his action will cause a

consequence beside his heart getting lost, something really important

in this story, he acted. Sora took the risk, feeling Kairi must be awaken from her state, he grabs the odd keyblade and stabbs himself in his heart. While both hearts (Sora´s and Kairi´s) were set free, Kairi´s heart found the way to her body, but Sora´s got lost and he became a heartless. Kairi woke up and saw Sora, she felt happy, but as she realised Sora didn´t respond and he was falling, Kairi runed towards Sora, with the purpose of grabbing him so he didn´t fall, but he vanished. Riku appeared and he warned Kairi, Donald and Goofy to run, that Heartless were approaching. Kairi, with no choice ran with them as Heartless were appearing. As they run a Heartless saw them staring folloeing them and later stopped. Kairi turned and saw the Heartless. She asked him "Sora?" and the heartless looked at her with an odd face. She ran and shouting Sora and hugged him. More heartless were coming and she told him she was going to protect him and as the heartless attacked, she hugged him as the following event Sora turned into his human body. Kairi actually saved Sora with her strong feelings towards him.

Kairi and Sora share a heart

Somes upon Sora in his Heartless form and do to there connection she knows it is him. She embraces him and the light of her heart leads him back from the darkness. When Sora defeats Ansem. Kairi and Sora have a short time together before she begins to be drawn back to their re-forming world. They two meet at the underwater tunnel in Hollow Bastion and they two meet. Sora and Kairi start talking and Sora says he promises to go back to Destiny Islands until he finds Riku. Kairi, wanting to find Riku and fight, tells ora she will go with him to find Riku. Sora tells her he does not want to be worried and couldn´t bear losing Kairi again. Kairi agrees and gives him her lucky charm (Oathkeeper) and Sora promises to give it back. In the last world after Sora defeats Ansem, Sora and Kairi meet and before they could say anything, the floor cracks and were Kairi is stepping, its being drawn away being separated but their hands holding, Sora says "Kairi, remember what you said before? Im always with you too, Ill come back to you, i promise" and Kairi responds "I know you will!!". Kairi

Sora and Kairi being separated one more time

was in a new Destiny Island made by Xenahort. After this promise by Sora Destiny Islands are recreated around Kairi and she is back in her world. Soon after Sora said those words, Kairi realized she felt something for Sora. Their fist appearing which is showed the two are in love, is when Kairi goes to the secret cave. She was walking alone and enters it. She saw the stones but she realized a drawing which changed her. It was the drawings Sora and Kairi made when they were really little drawing themselves (Sora drew Kairi and she drew him). She noticed the change Sora did before they were attacked by heartless. Sora had changed him, drawing an arm to his Sora drawing and in his hand holding a papou fruit and sharing it with

Kairi seeing Sora´s drawings

Kairi. It was demostrated that Sora felt something deep for her and wanted to share his life with her. Sora was drawing and turned to Kairi, she extended her arm to the rock but Sora became sparkles, noticing to be an alucination. Kairi was emotivated and soon beginned a sweet smile along with tears. Still, Kairi stayed there patiently, waiting for Sora and Riku to return to the islands.

After Sora being separated from Kairi, a new journey started. Sora, Donald and Goofy were walking through endless fields. Sora looking at the star thinking of Kairi and Riku, a voice said "Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear." and then only a single path remains, as the strange black-hooded man vanishes; and the path led to Castle Oblivion, with a single drop of hope, Sora, Donald and Goofy follow the path. He enters


There he mets a girl called Namine, also a Nobody (born when Sora stabbed him, born also with the heart of Kairi and body of Sora), held captive and made to rewrite Sora's memory's. Sora, learning of her not knowing the she is a Nobody, searches to find and rescue her. Meanwhile Sora, Donald, and Goofy are slowly forgetting things about themselves and the past. Sora's memory's of Kairi begin to fade and being replaced by memory's of him and Namine. He travel through a castle that belongs to the Organization XIII, traveling back trough his memory's with each new room. When he reaches her no longer remembering anything before he entered the castle, she tells him that she is the Nobody of Kairi, formed in the short time the Heartless took her heart, but by this time Sora has completely forgotten Kairi. Sora and the rest deeply wont to be able to remember their past. Interrumptions happen before Naminé could tell him an anwer to regain his memory. Riku replica appears and Larxene, which she tells the truth to Sora about Naminé, although Sora defeats her. Namine feeling ashamed of her actions thinks he will never forgive her, surprisedly he does. She tells him a way-out, she could make a machine, a machine that will give them theyre memories back, but they will forget all that has happened to them since they met the Organization, including her. Sora is reluctant to forget any more, but memory's of Kairi are screaming to be heard, so he cooperates. Naminé tells him sorry and that she was glad he met him and Sora responds saying "Me too", Naminé tells him although he will not recognize her, they will meet again and they promise. Naminé says goodbye and as Sora, Donald and Goofy enter, Sora turns his head and says bye. Sora and the others are set to sleep will it endure a year as their memory's slowly return.

Kingdom Hearts II

Kairi aged 15

Meanwhile Kairi has gone on with a normal life back by the island, but by Sora stopping Ansem and the worlds returned to normal, everything is forgotten. Kairi one day starts to have faint memory's of a second boy from her past who's name she can not quite remember. Coming back from school one day with Selphie (from Final Fantasy VIII), Selphie asked if Kairi would go to the island with her because Wakka and Tidus (from Final Fantasy X) were to caught up in there ball game. Kairi asked Selphie if she remembered of the boys that she played with when they were younger but she only could remember Riku, asking if she my have only made up th other boy. Kairi says that she did not wont to go back to the Island until she can remember that other boy who was so important to her. Finishing saying this she gets a really strong headache and hears a voice This is the same time Roxas calls out to Namine for help but reaches Kairi instead. (Due to Namine coming in contact with Roxas all four of them become connected). Kairi says who was there. A voice said "Hey, I'm Roxas". Kairi responds saying "Im Kairi" Roxas lets out a laugh and says "So you´re the one he likes" Kairi confused, asks who is the other one, feeling two presences. Sora answers "C´mon Kairi, you don't remember me?", and then Kairi stayed even more confused and Sora said dissapointed but in a buffon way "Thanks a lot Kairi! " Kairi tried to say something but she didn´t "OK I can give you a hint, it starts with an S". With that Kairi wakes up Selphie helping her to her feet. When she is standing she runs off to the beach with Selphie following behind her. At the beach she takes out a message in a bottle and sends it out to sea hoping that the boy from her past may find it and rewrite. Selphie asks what it was that she sent. Kairi answers that her and the boy made a promise to each other and the message is part of that promise. Speaking out loud she says, "Begins with an S. Isn't that right SORA". By this time all her memory's have been restored. As the days go by waiting she grows tired of waiting and decides to go looking for him. Kairi, one day she goes to the beach seeing at the ocean. From the nowhere, Pluto appears and barks at her. Kairi bents down, and massages Pluto´s head. She appeared to be happy, but Axel appeared through a black portal. Axel started talking to her, trying to make her feel comfortable with his presence. Axel starts saying he feels like they were already friends. Seeing that Kairi did´t trust him, she persuades her. Axel tells her if she wished

Axel luring Kairi

to see Sora, he could take him, with the intention of kidnapping her so he could make Sora fight to find, and he could finish his job. Kairi was in a trance, and imagined to see Sora again. Pluto also untrustable about Axel, barks, waking Kairi from her day-dream. Ablack portal appeared and Kairi shouts and says "You´re not acting very friendly!" and runs along with Pluto through the portal. A portal to the darkness opens and she escapes through there, and ends up in Twilight Town. She pops out in Hayner, Pence, and Olette's hang out she stays long enough to tell them about her journey and her search for Sora. Olette tells her that it is a romantic story and out of nowhere, Axel appeared and Kairi reacts jumping out of the sofa. Axel tells her she disobeyed his good wat to tell her. Hayner runs towards him and passes through him as Pence did too. Olette was pushed aside and Axel took Kairi´s hand and pulled her through a black portal. Kairi hesitated but she was taken away. The Organization soon finds Kairi and they take her away and put her in a cell in their stronghold along with Pluto. She is kept there in hopes of using her to manipulate Sora. She is rescued by Namine. As Kairi and Namine's hands touch a bright light emits from the both of them. Sora who is at that moment looking for a why into the Organizations castle sees the gleam of light and his keyblade reacts creating a light bridge up to them. Namine gets Kairi to the out side stairwell and as they run they are stopped by Saix and two Nobody bodyguards. The two guards vanish revealing a black cloaked person who looks like a member of the Organization, Namine shouts in worry Riku, revealing this unknown person to be her other lost friend. Riku fights Saix but he slips through his fingers into a dark portal created into a wall. Before Riku follows, Kairi calls for him to stop. Namine tells Riku that he can look after her now, as she vanishes. Kairi slowly walks towards him and removes his hood revealing the face of Ansem. But it is truly Riku, only he has retaken the form of Ansem, in order to use the powers of darkness to search for Sora and Kairi. In order to do this he has to surrender his heart back over to the darkness, unfortunately for Riku his eyes are not so easily deceived as is his heart. So he in Riku form now has to wears a blindfold to trick him mind.

They reunite in the castle of the Organization, which is now discovered to be led by the Nobody of Xenhort, AKA Xemnas an assistant of Ansem's, who has been posing as Ansem his old teacher. When he returns to his normal self from the brilliant light from the explosion of Ansem's machine he finally removes the blindfold and the black cloak to ware his original clothes. With her pure heart Kairi is chosen by another Keyblade and Riku sets out to rejoin Kairi with Sora. Even though Xemnas's Heartless is gone his Nobody remains. Sora defeats Xemnas once but Xemnas combines with Kingdom Hearts and escapes. The Heart of all the worlds help them and combine there power to form a door so they can go after him and stop him for good. Riku, now back in his true form, and Sora are separated from Kairi and the group when they go to stop the Nobodies for good. Riku and Sora defeat the Nobodies and go back at the nobodies castle were a door has opened to Destiny Island. Sora, Donald and Goofy were standing behind Kairi, without her noticing. Donald finally said "Kairi, you look great!" as Kairi turns exclaiming "Oh" she turns and sees Sora as she looks surprised and relaxes. Kairi flicked her hair as they both wlaked towards each other. Sora said "You are different Kairi... but Im just glad you are here!" , Kairi responded "You and Riku never came home, so I came looking for you". Sora lowed his head, dissapointed that he didn´t furfilled his promise of arriving, he turned his face to the left, not wanting to Kairi seeing him regreting, he closed his eyes and said "Im sorry". Kairi ran towards Sora as he hugged him, catching him unaware. At first, Sora didnt react, not responding with a hug due to him being a bit shocked, until Kairi said "This is real...". Sora turned his face as he hugs her back.

Kairi hugging Sora

Namine and Roxas separate form Kairi and Sora to say their farewells to each other before their essences are completely taken in. Namine to Roxas she'd promised him they would meet again even if they didn't recognizes themselves. This gives Sora his first view of Roxas, his other half. To their alarm the door closes behind her. Riku using the last of him now uncontrollable dark powers opens a dark portal and they become lost on the shores in the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts, as Kairi and the others are sent back to the island. A bottle comes ashore where Sora and Riku are sitting and it turns out to be the message that Kairi had sent out from the island much earlier. As Sora reads the letter that said:

Thinking of you, wherever you are
We pray for our sorrows to end
And hope that our hearts will blend.
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows:
Starting a journey may not be so hard
or maybe it has already begun
There are many worlds,
but they all share the same sky-
one sky, one destiny...

Kairi´s letter to Sora

When Sora finished reading this, Sora´s and Kairi's hearts connected, opening a door to the light. Sora was walking towards it, but Riku didn´t, so Sora cheered him to go and Riku did. They went to the portal and landed at Destiny Islands´s sea. The two of them saw Kairi jumping and waving. Sora happy swam as fast as he could to see Kairi. He was looking at her still in the water, but close. Before Sora could tell her something, Donald and Goofy appeared next to Kairi, jumping of hapiness and jump towards Sora, knocking him and they three laugh and hugh (the same as Riku with King Mickey). Sora looks at Kairi and Kairi back. Sora says exiting "Were back!" and Kairi corrects him "You´re home" and they smile at each other (it shows Roxas as Sora and Naminé as Kairi smiling too) and Sora happy as ever, holds her hand.

Sora returning to the islands

Kingdom Hearts continues

Days pass and everything begins to seem to be finally over with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy all back on their world.

Sora and Riku are showed looking at the sea and Sora says "Nothing has changed has it?" and Riku answers "Nope, nothing will"

Kairi screams and Sora and Riku looks at her as she is running towards them "Sora, Riku!" she has a bottle with a letter inside. When she is with them she handles the bottle to Sora, as Sora looks at her with his face confused. Sora looks at the message with the royal seal of the king. He opens it, and looks with a face really strange. Riku and Kairi also read the letter with Sora and theyre faces looks surprised.

That is until a message in a bottle comes ashore from King Mickey.

A message

The message revealed that all these journeys are somewhat related. After Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exams, Kairi was chosen as the seventh guardian of light to protect herself.

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