Why didn't Kaine deteriorate?

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I don't know if anyone else has wondered this but a thought struck me the other day.  Why didn't Kaine's body deteriorate immediately after his death?  We know that Kaine was a flawed clone of Peter Parker and that his cells were slowly breaking down due to the flaw in the cloning process.  However Ben Reilly was a perfect clone of Peter Parker with no such flaws.  But when Ben Reilly died he immediately deteriorated into dust.  So what was that caused Kaine's body to stay together and caused Ben's to break down?  Is this evidence that perhaps Ben's body was switched out and may still be alive?

 Ben Reilly's death

 Kaine's Death
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@danhimself: I'm guessing the same force that turned him into Tarantula stopped him from disintegrating.
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@FadeToBlackBolt:  that's probably it...still upsets me that Kaine lives and Ben is dead
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@danhimself: I don't really want either of them to be alive. I hate the Clone saga lol
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@FadeToBlackBolt: you and your filthy mouth....the Clone Saga was where I started reading Spider-man and mainstream comic books...it holds a special place in my heart
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Maybe it's just cause I've never read the clone saga, but I don't see the appeal of Ben Reilly. If he's a perfect clone of Peter, that means he's basically exactly the same character. So where's the appeal? 
Personally I prefer Kaine, because he's not a perfect clone and so, he's not the same character as Peter

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@danhimself: Heh-heh, sorry. I like Peter and only Peter being Spider-Man, I'm fiercely defensive of Pete :P.
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I'm going to suggest that it's because he was "imperfect".

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Kaine was a different clone from Ben Reilly because unlike Ben Reilly his physique and powers increased and it would possibly mean that he was made much more differently, but thats my theory from what ive read on the bio's and there could be more interesting theories to this gap that could be used for a storyline.
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Actually there was as issue where Kaine was shown to defeat his cell deterioration by the power of his mind. I guess Ben was just not that strong...or maybe the deterioration was retconned by Mephisto.

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Kaine's costume stops his deterioration    
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maybe Kaine was treated with Raptor's genetic expertise, whilst Ben wasn't.  Otherwise, beats me

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Maybe they wanted to close this storyline with no doubt that Peter was the real Spider-man because if Ben hadn't disintegrated, there would always be that doubt. Don't know just a guess.

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I hope that Ben is still alive.

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