Who would get along with Kaine?

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As yet Scarlet Spider has yet to crossover into the bigger Marvel U (which is a good thing imo) thus he hasn't got to meet many of its bigger players and given how he is (he's a bit of an a$$hole) and thinks who would actually get along with him enough to be considered a friend? or harder still what woman would put up with his bad tempered nature enough for a love interest?

Ironically I think Wolverine might have gotten along well with him if Kaine wasn't going to try to kill him in SS 17 lol.

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I think, deep down, Kaine is such a sweet boy...He's a Parker. Having this said, this a$$hole, who happens to be my favourite character at the time being (yes, I agree with you - I read your list), could definitely get along with Wolverine and Punisher. Obviously, he has some good chemistry with Peter, despite the fact he feels so bad about their, let's say, uncomfortable past stories. I like his current romance with Annabel (or Annabelle - can't remember), but... I could or I would enjoy some flirtation with Black Cat...Perhaps, she could tame him...

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Black Cat would be cool but i'd love for them to pull out some one like Moon Knight or Taskmaster. Someone who can show off the heroic qualities in Kaine by comparison but will not be too crazy to the point of becoming an enemy.

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Punisher would see Kaine no none sense , take no prisoners fighting style and they'd be BFF's

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