Thoughts on Khoi Pham's art/Scarlet Spider 7?

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What was your opinion was on Pham's art in Scarlet Spider #7?   
I personally enjoyed it. There were a few things here and there that nagged at me (a couple of faces) but for the most part I thought the drawing (especially the combat) was pretty sound. Having drawn for DareDevil (I believe it was DD) Khoi already had the advantage of having already drawn agile characters and it showed:   

Yost's writing as usual was great and:   
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@Strider92: I laughed so hard this issue, kaine's one night stand was too funny. khoi Pham draws good facial expressions but I'm not too sure about how he draws scarlet spider. It seemed a little flat, but then again following stegmans perfect art is hard work for any artist. I'm going to stay on for this arc but hopefully they get a better artist in the future. Yost's writing is the only thing saving this from being dropped even though I love it. Just wish Stegman would come back or they would find a better artist than Khoi Pham.

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7 issues in and Kaine's already had a one-night stand? That dude moves fast!

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I told you that Pham's artwork is good.His style is cool but Ryan Stegman had better style.

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I hated it, I don't think I'll be picking up the next issue

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i liked it. but his facial exression were a bit exaggerated.

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@TDK_1997: Yeah i'm trying not to compare it to Stegman's because honestly imo he's one of the best current artists in the comic industry at the moment so anyone who has to follow him is in for a tough time.

Khoi's at was sound though. I'd have preferred a bit more detail on Kaine's anatomy (like how Khoi drew the Rangers. Their anatomy was detailed and pretty awesome) but apart from that I can't really complain. We didn't get Liefeld so its all good lol!

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I always have a problem with facial expressions,but these are fine.

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I think I might of liked Pham's art more than Stegman's

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His artwork was great as always.

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My only complaint is Scarlet Spider himself is much less detailed and less defined. It looks like he's wearing a cheap knock off costume now. But I'm optimistic wit will get better.

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Dman I didn't know that Pham is that bad. He sucks badly.Ryan better come back or I will drop this book.

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As a cruel little tease, he still does the cover art. :(

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Shit. Pham will mess Minimum Carnage.

#15 Posted by The_Madness (111 posts) - - Show Bio

Two of the issues are in Venom so he won't do all the art.

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Im getting caught up and just finished #4. Stegmans art has been excellent and this has been my favourite read lately. Im kinda disappointed after seeing those scans.

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I'm still gonna follow it, its still written well.

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