The "Other" Aftermath

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For those of you who haven't read Scarlet Spider 15 I won't go in depth but after Kaine's resurrection we saw this page:

I'm wondering is the middle image of Morlun? After being defeated by Black Panther he was BFR'd into this other reality. It does make sense for Morlun to want another crack at killing a Spider. Especially since he failed with Ezekiel and Peter.

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I thought that was Blackheart when I saw it, but come on, that would be dumb

If it is Morlun I'd be interested to see where it goes.

Also I kind of liked Pham's art in this issue. I would still prefer Reilly Brown or Ryan Stegman, but Khoi did pretty nice work this issue

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I think it's Morlun. But I don't know if it's proper to use too many spidey enemies for Kaine. In Yost we trust.

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