Scarlet Spider #17

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There aren't many comics that actually get me excited (especially when they are 3 months away) but SS 17 has Belladonna taking Kiane up on his deal. Back in Scarlet Spider 4 Kaine said he would do one job for the assassins guild and guess what it is!?

Thwip Vs Snikt

Yep he's got to kill good ol Wolvie! Even better news is that Carlo Barbieri is penciling!!!! Will Kaine do a better job than Superior against Logan?

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I'm sure he will.

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This makes me almost regret dropping this book. Looks good.

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While i'm sure the battle will be epic, I wish it were someone a bit less popular. I'd way prefer a assassination contract that Kaine can/will actually fufill. Make him kill Jessica Jones, (or worse their baby) for some story she did a long time ago. Don't tease the death of Wolverine unless your willing to go through with it.

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@Strider92: It's gonna be a bit anti climatic though you have to admit. Even moreso than the conclusion to Batman 17 supposedly is (which I haven't read yet so no spoilers) As if Marvel are gonna kill off one of their biggest selling characters who is seemingly omnipresent in the Marvel universe. Still Yost is an excellent writer so he should have something up his sleeve and Kaine vs Wolverine should be an awesome fight I have to say. And the return of the stealth suit=awesome!

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@Lvenger: Yeah neither will die but Wolverine isn't the only mutant Kaine is going up against in the solicits it says he's going to tear through Jean Grey's school for mutants. Looks like Kaine is going to slug it out with multiple mutants!

Kaine Vs X-men will be funny lol!

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@Strider92: Kaine vs The X-Men. Don't know whether that's unfair on Kaine or the X-Men

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@Lvenger: Well Yost is writing on his own series, on a character he likes and given how the Superior Vs Wolverine fight went in Avenging I don't like the X-men's chances!

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@Strider92: Heh good point!

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@Lvenger said:

@Strider92: Heh good point!

In before Kaine faceplants the entire mutant school into concrete lol!

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@Strider92 said:

@Lvenger said:

@Strider92: Heh good point!

In before Kaine faceplants the entire mutant school into concrete lol!

Careful, you might gain the wrath of the raindrops for implying that their precious Storm might be beaten by Kaine!

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@Lvenger: It would be funny if that does happen. However Kaine either needs to be exceedingly stealthy or exceedingly smart if he really does tear through the entire school -.o

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@Strider92: Good thing he has the stealth suit he borrowed from Peter to help him with that! Though I remember Wolverine being able to smell Kaine in an epilogue to Spider-Island.

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This is gonna be very interesting.

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They better pull this one off good. Looking forward to it. So glad I picked it up again. :D

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Carlo Barbier!!! YES!! Why didn't they get him to replace Stegman in the first place instead of f**king Khoi Pham? Because he was the sole reason why I dropped that book.

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IF HE'S THE ONE WHO KILLS OFF LOGAN,I WILL PUT A POSTER ON MY WALL!!(and take off my barbie poster.....ha!.....i kid myself!)

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Wolvie probably wont die. I want him to, but supposedly there is a rumor going around that Marvel plans on killing wolverine next year after Age of Ultron.

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Comes in the thread, takes a big ole poop on all the "Kaine will wipe the floor with the X-Men" fanboy talk, states Yost is himself a borderline fanboy with an illegal license for PIS, then leaves the thread stating emphatically that Wolverine would clean Kaine's clock.

Especially in a fight to the death.

Turns around somewhat sheepishly before leaving, states he was slightly exaggerating with all the fanboy talk, but likes stirring up the hornets nest (and still holds the X-Men would clobber Kaine, let alone Wolverine on his lonesome, who consequently better hopes his stealth suit is fully operational).

Then leaves thread.

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I would like to go on the record saying Kaine wounds Wolverine sufficiently to cause all life signs to cease, thus giving the appearance of death, shows off the corpse, then resuscitates Wolverine or otherwise brings him back once the job is over, and the deal is set.

Thus, he fulfilled his end of the bargain: He killed Wolverine. Not his fault Wolverine didn't stay that way.

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I think it's obvious Kaine won't kill Wolverine, but the fight will be more than exciting! It won't be the first time, spider vs X-men for those that have read Secret Wars. We do know Kaine will kick some x-b..t. And to be honest, I'm quite confident Yost will avoid clichées etc. I believe this fight will be really original. Oh, dear Yost, I hope we'll have a scarlet ending to this one!

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Just can't wait for the issue.

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@Ninjablade09: I'm so tired with the concept of "let's kill a hero for a while". Especially when we're talking about heroes that have tons of fans. Anyway, as I said previously, Kaine won't kill Wolverine. I believe they'll think of something (Yost will think of something).

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@Phaedrusgr: Ya me too it's gotten old really fast. Superman I got it. Batman I got it (though the way he was revived was lame). Both were to show who the world would move on if these two characters were gone. Spider-man was stupid. If Superior was someone completely different like Miles it would be alright. Wolverine is retarded, he is arguably the most recognizable X-men. I think Marvel is doing this because they don't own the rights to these characters and cant put them in their movies even though it's there fault The Amazing Spider-man isn't in Phase 2 of the MCU.

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@Strider92: One more day for the "Other"...

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