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I don't read ANY Spiderman comics, I don't know why - he's just never appealed to me. I always saw him as a comic character for younger audiences and I prefer a bit more mature/darker tones. So when Kaine's comic was announced, and I found out that it was written by Christopher Yost, I was IMMEDIATELY interested. 
My question is, do I need to read up on anything to start this new series? Also, for those who have read it, is it worth it? I love Chris Yost, as his work with Tim Drake was legendary.

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You may want to read the "Spider-Island" arc to understand how Kaine got where he is now but from what i've heard his distant past is going to be explored a lot during this series so you won't have to go back to the "Clone Saga" if you don't want to.

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@WildValentine: You should check out some of Spider-Island, at least.

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Oh and you may also want to check out "Point One" it'll give you a feel for the kind of character Kaine is.

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@mr.obvious: @Strider92: Thanks so much for your help, guys! Just lastly, did you guys enjoy the first two issues? Worth picking up?
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@WildValentine: I enjoyed both the issues. As you're new to the character I would recommend picking up issue 1 as it sets the stage and tells you a little bit about his past. If you have the spare cash pick up both but definitely pick up the first it'll give you an idea as to whether you like the character or not and save you from buying another comic you're not interested in.

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