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This is sort of a dumb question, and I might be able to find this out by myself if it weren't for the fact that I'm just getting into comics again and I'm wary of story spoilers.

I would just like to know; is Kaine's face and appearance meant to be identical to Peter Parker's? Different artists always draw so differently that it's impossible to tell just from looking at him, but I imagine this must've been answered at some point in a story I've yet to read.

I'm only on issue 2 of Scarlet Spider so far, but the way he's drawn, and judging from his hair colour, he seems nothing like Peter Parker. I appreciate any and all replies!

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@SimonM7: He is ment to look like Peter. In Spider Island he look identical to Peter except with long hair. This is just a case of different artistic interpretation.

It was the same deal with Ben Reilly, although he was a clone of Peter they gave him blond hair and drew him slightly differently so people could tell the difference between the two. They've done this to Kaine so that people can differentiate between him and Peter and show Kaine's different personality. eg: Peter's mid length hair and soft features compared with Kaine's very short hair and rougher features.

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@Strider92: so does kanie still have that weird gry vin thing all over his body ?? also is he still taller than peter?

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@Z3RO180: No he doesn't during Spider-Island Peter kicked Kaine (who had been turned into a giant spider-creature by the Jackal) into a vat of liquid which turned out to be the cure and when he clawed out he looked exactly like Peter.

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He's a clone.

So duh.

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@Strider92: well thats cool but is he still taller than pete??

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@Z3RO180: I don't know. I reckon he's about the same height now.

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nope just found out hes 6'4 a good bit taller than pete.@Strider92:

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@Z3RO180 said:

nope just found out hes 6'4 a good bit taller than pete.@Strider92:

Interesting. Is that since he became Scarlet Spider? or before? (before we all knew he was taller as he was built like a tank)

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@Strider92: i think so i read it on the marvel wiki and on marvels offical website so yea hes taller and more built than pete...i would not like to be on kaines bad side.

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Thanks for all your replies! I'm not sure why I wasn't informed that there'd been activity in this topic or I would've responded earlier.

@InnerVenom123: I'm well aware that he's a clone, but I read Spidey for about six years and then stopped, which is about fifteen years ago now. I stopped right after this clone stuff played out, and when Mark Bagley drew Ben he was identifiably identical to Peter, sans the dyed blonde hair. Kaine on the other hand was a hulking, scarred monstrosity compared. When I'm now getting into comics again I am, among other books, reading Scarlet Spider - although I'm only two issues in - and I straight up don't think Kaine looks like Peter Parker in it.

I realise that a lot happened between my reading Spidey and now, but between the "cure" and the change of artist, I simply didn't know if he's still meant to look the same, or if it's been part of the stories that his appearance is different. These stories are kinda convoluted enough when you *are* reading them, so I was just trying to set the record straight for myself.

As was said, artists probably run with the design regardless of who it's supposed to look like, but I wouldn't associate that face, nor those bushy eyebrows, with Peter Parker even if his hair was dark brown.

Still, my question's been answered, so thanks to all who replied! :)

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