Living in Houston

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So I thought I would pick up the first trade of Scarlet Spider after my recent disappointment in Amazing Spidey 700 (though Superior 1 has alleviated many of my prior concerns) and I decided that Kaine would be a good place to get my web fix, since I live in Houston anyway. Man, reading a comic about a character based in a place where you live is awesome. I saw him swing by where I work in one of the panels; it really helps to immerse me in the world.

Is this what reading comics feels like for people who live in New York?

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@r3d_rob1n: It's good to have a super hero in your city, man. In case you meet him, tell him WE ADORE HIM! :p

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@r3d_rob1n: I live in Houston too, and it totally makes me dig Scarlet Spider! SO MUCH

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