Kaine/Scarlet Spider Respect Thread

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Being a Kaine fanboy since his appearance in his classic version I have hard copies of his every appearance so I thought it was time to break out the scanner. Thanks to Morpheus_ as well as he already had some of the Classic scans so I only had to scan the ones he didn't!

Classic Kaine:

An imperfect clone of Peter Parker who due to his degeneration was significantly superior to Spider-man il almost every aspect.


Easily slaps around Ben Reilly who stated even with both hands he couldn't hold back Kaine's 1:

Pulls down half a building with ease:

Pulls down a big part of the street from in the sewers:

Beats down the Rhino with brute force:

Taking on multiple Spider-man clones and 1-shot killing them with ease:


Takes a direct 10ton punch from Peter head-on and doesn't even feel it. Peter states in surprise that it should have taken his head off:

Takes a bullet with no ill effects. This is also a speed feat. Look how far Kaine is from Shannon and yet he manages to get behind her before the cop fires and before he can finish his own sentence. Thats some wild speed:

Strength feat (tossing car 1 handed) and what is most likely his biggest durability feat. Taking a massive explosion without a scratch:


Briefly blitz's Spider-man showing that he is indeed as fast or faster than him:


Kaine roflstomps Spidercide (Spider-man clone):

Kaine Vs Ben Reilly (beats him pretty easily):

Kaine Vs Peter Parker (again wins quite convincingly even though he was holding back):

Kaine Vs Spidercide, Ben Reilly and Peter Parker (They don't do much better together than they did separately Kaine makes light work of them. Although I will point out that Ben Reilly wasn't actually KO'd in that last scan just faking it):

Kaine Vs Grim Hunter (Spoiler Grim Hunter ends up dead!):

Kaine Vs Doc Ock (Spoiler Doc Ock ends up dead!):

Kaine and Peter Parker Vs the Sinister Seven. Kaine initially takes them all on at once until Peter turns up to help:

Kaine Vs Carnage (Kaine has a brief scuffle with our resident psycho in which Kasady actually admits Kaine hurt him!):


  • Classic Kaine possessed something called the "Sting Of Kaine" which took the form of Wolverine style claws protruding from his wrists. It is unknown what they're full usagewas.
  • Classic Kaine's spider-sense was far better than any of the other Spider-men and bordered on complete pre-cog.

Scarlet Spider (Current Kaine):

Good speed and strength showing. Kaine stops the car despite how far away he was and despite how close the car was to hitting the woman.

Dodges a ton of bullets with seeming ease:

Hell of a speed showing here. Bullets are fired and Kaine manages to pin then use an enemy as a meat-shield before the bullets hit. That's some wild-a$$ speed:

Catches an arrow despite having his back turned and no spider-sense and a little bullet dodging. Good reaction feat:

Scarlet Spider uses spiders to look over an entire city for a bomb:

Uses stealth to kill Assassins:


Scarlet Spider Vs Salamander:

Scarlet Spider Vs The Assassin's Guild:

Scarlet Spider Vs The Rangers:

Scarlet Spider Vs Venom:

Scarlet Spider Vs Carnage: Round 1:

Scarlet Spider Vs Carnage: Round 2 (heck of a durability showing from Kaine here):

-There was actually a part in the Venom part where Kaine took another shot at Carnage but it didn't amount to anything. He just sucker punched him and helped Venom kill the other symbiotes no 1v1. Still wanting to go a third round with Carnage shows good durability and stamina.

Scarlet Spider Vs Carlos and Esmerelda Lobo (Kaine is actually winning until he starts holding back):

After his resurrection Kaine deals out some retribution on the Wolves:

Scarlet Spider Vs Wolverine:

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Very nice thread, Kaine is so awsome favorit marvel series as of now! Good work guys!

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@TheAcidSkull: I thought it was about time Kaine got a respect thread. Especially as his earlier feats are largely unknown (despite them being bad-a$$!)

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@Strider92: They made Kaine's Powerset similar to Spider-Man.That is lame because they took his Precognitive Sense and his old stingers which were cool.Kaine's old stingers were able to cut through most conventional material and even metals.Don't you agree with me.

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@RogueJuggernaut: I think giving him Spider-man's powerset did detract from him slightly. I wish he had kept his strength level because that was beast however overall I like his current powers.

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@Strider92:But you gotta admit his old classic powerset was the best.It showed that Kaine is not just some ordinary clone but special.You know what they say old is gold.

#8 Posted by Strider92 (18044 posts) - - Show Bio

@RogueJuggernaut: Yeah the old powerset did add some uniqueness to him.

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I'm not usually crazy about bi-weekly comics. But I really wish this comic came out more often. Scarlet spider, Hawkeye, and FF are the three comics I LOVE just for how fun they are.

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@RogueJuggernaut: Let's see the goodies Yost has for us in Scarlet Spider #15. He's going to kick some serious wolf a$$.

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Nice thread!

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@strider92: You should really post the fight between the Lobo twins and The Other Kaine.

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@strider92: Hey, have you "abandonned" this thread? Just asking...

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@strider92: Hey, have you "abandonned" this thread? Just asking...

Hah no I actually uploaded all the new scans and forgot to add them lol. I'll update it later today.

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Great thread . I've been reading this since the minimum carnage crossover and love it. The best fight scenes!

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Finally got time to update it :P

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Oh and do you need scans of Kaine and Logan vs the Assassins Guild?

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Awesome respect thread! Kaine is my favorite spider and fourth favorite hero! This certified bad ass needs respect!

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@laflux: I've actually got them but i'm only adding things that are kind of relevant to Kaine's fighting ability or feats. I don't really wanna upload every fight he gets involved in (gotta give people a reason to buy the comics lol!). Logan and Kaine Vs the Guild is an awesome fight but it doesn't really show anything we didn't know Kaine was capable of or any particularly awesome feat of speed, strength etc.... he didn't really fight any notable character either. So yeah while awesome I didn't think it was particularly relevant. My hope is that eventually Kaine will have enough feats for me to break down into categories. Strength, speed etc... rather than just showing full fights or bits.

But hey this is a respect thread so if you want to post them in the comment section be my guest :D

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@strider92: Ha don't worry. I'll respect your judgement :P

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@laflux: Don't trust my judgement I am wrong a lot of the time.......I guess the first part is a good showing of stealth though.........ahhh screw it i'll put the stealth part up!

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@strider92: this is a REALLY nice thread!
I love it and I am starting to love Kaine

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