Kaine's Morals

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I was wondering if Yost would explore the more lethal side of Kaine as during "Point One" and his fight with Salamander he seemed to not want to kill anymore. Which I thought was a shame. Then I read Scarlet Spider #4 and he took on his old persona and was perfectly willing to kill (Don't look at this if you haven't read SS 4 yet to avoid spoilers):


I for one am glad that he is a killer. I think that taking the lethal side away from his character would be a mistake.

What are you opinions on this? Are you happy that he's still quite happy to kill or do you think he should have stuck with how he was acting before?

. He was perfectly willing to kill:
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I like to see that he is totally different from Spider-man. Like the slogan says he is spider-man except without the responsiblity and that makes a big difference

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I think it works for kaine to have these morals.

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I personally like that he has a killer instinct. It differentiates him from Peter and keeps the story separated.

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I think that it's great that he's still willing to kill when necessary. In this series, we can see that he's trying to be a real hero and tries to spare the life of some criminals but unlike Spidey, Kaine is smart enough to see that sometimes, there's no other way than getting his hands dirty. It really differentiates him from Peter and that makes him more interesting IMO.

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He is fine, for now.

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I think stuff should be like this :

Spider-man - never kills

Scarlet Spider - depends on occasion

Venom - always kills.

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@JimTheSurfer: Agree on this.

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