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Just a few questions I wondered if someone could clear up.

1. During the Clone Saga Kaine wanted to kill Ben Reilly because he thought he was the real Peter Parker and that Peter was the clone. He even stated he thought of Peter as a brother who could have a better life than he could that's why he went out of his way to kill Peter's enemies and protect Mary Jane. So why now that he knows Peter was the real one does he still not harbor the hate he had for Ben. When he reappeared during the Raptor arc he stated that he hated both Ben and Peter now, without giving a reason. So why did he like Peter so much when he thought he was the clone but as soon as he found out Ben was the clone nothing changed he still hated him but also Peter and more importantly why hasn't he shown any grief in tormenting his fellow clone?

2. Is Kaine aware of the fact that Norman Osborn orchestrated the whole cloning thing? If he was aware then why didn't he go and try to rip Osborn's head off the second he broke out of Ryker's?

3. Does anyone think Shannon (Aka Muse) will be making an appearance in the Scarlet Spider? She was one of his love interests.

4. Do you think they where right to take Kaine's Spider-sense away? I can't really make up my mind on this. I'm guessing they took it away in an attempt to distance him from Peter but I can't make up my mind if it was the right move.

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4.Didn't they give him his Other powers? Then I think its justified.

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@ReVamp: Yeah he does have the "Other" abilities. Its just I always saw Kaine's warped Spider-sense as one of his defining features (along with the mark of Kaine).

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@Strider92: Well, I know that many people wanted The Other powers back in Spider-Man. I guess Marvel has different plans for Parker, but they didn't mind giving them to Kaine.

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@ReVamp: Did we ever actually find out how Peter lost his "Other" powers or is that still one of the many inconsistencies caused by OMD?

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@Strider92: Well, Mephisto took them away was the explanation, I believe. I wouldn't know though.

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@ReVamp: Wow that's a pretty boring outcome lol! Why would Mephisto care if he had them or not anyway? urg never mind i've given up trying to understand OMD

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@Strider92 said:

@ReVamp: Wow that's a pretty boring outcome lol! Why would Mephisto care if he had them or not anyway? urg never mind i've given up trying to understand OMD

Well, I guess it was just a side-effect of having taken away his marriage and thus part of his life. Marvel just didn't want him to have them, never mind the use of logic.

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1. I haven't read the Raptor arc yet, but Kaine decided to forgive Ben (who he still thought was the original) at the end of Spider-Man: Redemption. And by the time of The Grim Hunt, while he still resented him, Kaine was still willing to sacrifice himself for Peter just because he knew Peter was the only person in the world who would do the same for him. And after Spider-Island, any brain damage Kaine may have had was cured, making him slightly more rational and empathetic, and Peter helped him get revenge on the Queen. So while they aren't exactly buddies, he's at least cool with letting Peter continue to live his life. There's not much rational reason for him not to be bummed over Ben though.

2. I don't recall anyone ever mentioning it to him (though like I said, I haven't read the Raptor arc), but if he did find out, what could he do about it? Osborn's in deep hiding, and after Siege, probably the most wanted man on the planet. He's managed to hide from S.H.I.E.L.D. and all of the Avengers teams, and Kaine doesn't have a tenth of the resources they do.

3. Chris Yost has said he wants to keep the book as accessible to newcomers as possible, so the Clone Saga is gonna get a lot of mentions, but it won't have any huge effects on Kaine for a while. Though really, Muse wasn't much more than a one-shot character to begin with. If they're gonna bring back women from back in the day, I'd go with either Elizabeth Tyne (AKA Janine) or Jessica Carradine. If Janine showed up, it could be the catalyst for Kaine to feel a ton of guilt over her AND Ben, and Jessica at least has an interesting enough backstory and a strong enough connection to Ben and Peter that it would be interesting to see her enter Kaine's life.

4. Personally, I find the organic webs and lack of spider-sense pretty 50/50. In the hands of a good writer, they can be just as interesting as the alternative. And since Peter is back to the status quo, they might as well let Kaine use those ideas.

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@ColonelRunAway: 2. I believe "Breakout" happened just before Civil War as it was what formed the new Avengers Team and Kaine was one of the inmates who escaped during the riots so he was free for all of Civil War and Dark Reign. So if he did know Osborn was the mastermind behind it i'm sure he would have tried to do something. I mean even Deadpool managed to get close enough to stand a chance of killing Osborn and he's not exactly stealthy lol!

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