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Kahlo is one planet in the Green Lantern Corps sector 3897. She had reached an enough technology level to space travel and exchange with other planets. Its inhabitants are humanoid-like even if it’s not known if they are mammals or another type. One of them, Orlan, is the Green Lantern of the sector.

On Kahlo, life forms (animal, mineral and vegetable) are closely linked. The “houses” are bio-engineered plant form. But the use of Belamort is the more important proof of this link.

The Belamort plant conditions most of the Kahlo society.

First, even if its use is legally restricted to a few hours per day, most of the population of the planet is in a constant state of sedation. So the Kahloan culture stagnates.

Secondly, Most of the economy of Kahlo relies on the uses of this plant. Kahlo is well-known in the entire galaxy for the Belamort pleasure centers. Each city is administrated by a syndicate, usually family group. The exportation of Belamort is strictly prohibited and the profits are important but the illegal smuggling of the plant is far more lucrative. So an important rivalry exists between the families for this illegal trade and a lot of smugglers always try to export and sell some stolen plants.

Kymera: The biggest city of Kahlo. She is also the place where the Belamort pleasure centers are the more important.

In the Without Sin Story-arc (brave and Bold 19-21), The Purge propagates a virus who destroys the bio-engineered city and kills quite everybody, off-worlders included.

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