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Former Guardian of Earth. She was made the ruler of the purple planet Zamballa after preventing Phobos from taking over, and was trapped there once the Veil was raised. As the Queen of the planet, Kadma held the Heart of Zamballa, giving her great power. In the cartoon, according to Yan Lin, Kadma is also a rather proud and slightly arrogant person, making her very similar to her successor Cornelia, whom she briefly trains in season 2.

During season 2, Nerissa launched a series of attacks against Zamballa, intending to take the Heart from Kadma, however she was defeated by the combined forces of Kadma and W.I.T.C.H.

Kadma then took the Heart of Meridian from Nerissa and merged it with the Heart of Zamballa. However, a Heart must be given freely and cannot be taken by force, so the Heart of Meridian returned to Nerissa, bringing with it the Heart of Zamballa. The combined Hearts formed the Seal of Nerissa, since Nerissa used Kadma's weakness (pride for thinking that she could wield more power than she could fully handle) to take control of her mind. Will had had the chance to claim the Heart of Meridian for herself and Kadma even told her to do so before being captured and brainwashed, but she feared that such power could be her perdition and refused, thus she was able to escape such a fate.

After being set free from Nerissa's control, Kadma abdicated from being Queen of Zamballa to Ironwood, for a more humble life on Earth. By the comics she lives now in Faden Hills, Will's former city.

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