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Superman and Batman decide to rid the Earth of Kryptonite by gathering it all up, using a computer that detects Kryptonite, and tossing it into the sun. This decision was made after the two found out that the Superman/Batman filming was using real Kryptonite and that it was just too easy to come by. The team rang into a snag when they find the government was using it to create meta-humans that are infused with K, including a doomsday like creature. After defeating them, Superman finds the head of LexCorp, Lana Lang, has numerous stashes of the K around the world. Instead of handing it over, she blows it all up, creating a mist around the planet that doesn't hurt humans, but would kill Superman. Toyman comes into play and uses nano-bugs to clean the world up.

Collected Editions

Non-U.S. Edition

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