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When Superman and Batman tried to return home from their brief and maddening adventure in The Nanoverse they ended up stranded on a Parallel World instead. In this world teams as The Justice League and the Teen Titans did not exist in a traditional sense. Rather the people and the places they knew had been merged into one. Here the main superheroes were the Justice Titans (an amalgamated alternate reality version of both the Teen Titans and the Justice League) with Night Lantern as their leader.

The Justice Titans Members

Justice Titans Members

Night Lantern (Hal Grayson): Green Lantern & Nightwing

Donna Wonder (Diana Troy): Wonder Woman & Donna Troy

Flash (Wally Allen): Bart Allen & Wally West

Aquaborg (Arthur Stone): Aquaman & Cyborg

Star Canary (Unknown): Black Canary & Starfire

Hawkbeast (Gar Katar): Hawkman & Beast Boy

Terranado (Terra Mark V): Terra & Red Tornado

Ravanna (Unknown) Raven & Zatanna (Deceased)

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