What can we expect

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So far,the awesome series known as earth 2 has got me waiting for more (unfortunately i doubt i can wait a month for another comic,luckily Justice league is coming out in 2 days will keep me busy for enough time.So i guess it's fair).

But so far we know that the people that wil be on the team will be:

Mr terrific

Alan scott

Jay garrick

(most likely) Red tornado

Dr fate (most likely)

2 Sandmen (i am pretty sure there were 3.They were seen,looked awesome.Ok now I think there were 2)

Steel (not john henry irons obviously.Since he was mentioned and was part of the team in the past)



(and i am not sure but i think wildcat was mentioned being in,but changed,idr where i read it)

And here is a roster of the old ones:

So I am guessing they are bringing an old roster while at the same time bringing in well known ones:

So with that in mind i think that (of course) hourman will come in.

Same with Powergirl and huntress

And maybe starman (is that his name)

Tell me what you think,please add constructive comments,and i can post some pictures of the JSA from the new 52 if you like

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I know we're getting Wildcat.

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We are most definitely get Wildcat soon.

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We're getting Hourman too.

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just asking,not doubting you guys..But how do you know this

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Firstly I wouldn't be so sure Mr Terrific will be part of a team. Terry Sloane doesn't look much like a team player ( more likely to stab them in the back at the first chance)

Wes Dodd's and his sandmen also looked a little low on scruples not someone I'd be trusting my back to.

Al Pratt is just too damn good a little soldier ( obeys the wrong orders too damn easy) while Captain Steel ( hasn't made commander) seems to have the type of Morals that fit in with Jay, the New fate etc. Honestly SO far I'm not even sure we can be certain there will be a new Justice Society. Based on the "feel" of this Earth it's more likely to be a "Justice Battalion" ( like it was called briefly in WWII).

I'd say it's a pretty safe bet we're getting a Brainwave after #13 and the Annual. I do recall Ted Grant mentioned in an early issue but we've not seen him since.

Most of these guy's so far are quite a ways from "plating nice" enough to make any sort of team.

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