More Of The 30 JSA Members Drawn By Jun Bob Kim 2/3

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This is the second part of a spotlight on Jun Bob Kim's project to draw 30 JSA Members In 30 Days. Again, there's an eclectic mixture of Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age & Modern Age characters who have been associated with the JSA at some point in DC Comics history. Because there are so many images, the 30 characters have been split up into thirds and presented alphabetically according to their codenames.

This is Part Two of Three! Please also admire the work in Part One & Part Three!

Golden Age Hawkman
Golden Age Hourman
Bronze Age Huntress
Golden Age Johnny Thunder & Thunderbolt
Golden Age Miss America
Golden Age Mr Terrific
Bronze Age Power Girl
Silver Age Red Tornado
Silver Age Robin

If you like what you see, then please follow Jun Bob Kim on Twitter & don't forget to check out his website too!

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Robin, Hourman and Thunderbolt are awesome.

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That BA Power Girl is pretty sweet! This is AMAZING art.

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Nice dynamism to the Robin and Hawkman poses. Interesting take on Red Tornado.

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Loving absolutely every one of these!

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What does the fair play even mean on Mr. Terrific?

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Once again, thank you, xerox_kitty!

On this thread, I was really relieved of how Roibin's posed turned out from conception to finish and Johnny Thunderbolt's lightning effects turned out without using white ink/paint.

Other than that, Hawkgirl, Hourman & Huntress were also my favorite of how things went from concept to execution.

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@junbobkim: It was a HUGE education for me in classic JSA members, especially for characters like Johnny Lightning. And I'm falling for that Robin picture sooooo much! I love the pose AND the fact you can see he's having so much fun :)

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