Justice Society Of America #29 Reviewed

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What do you think of the Justice Society Of America?  They're a team that has quite a bit of history.  It seems that people don't usually get too excited over them.  It's crazy how many members they have on their team.  If you haven't read before, now could be a good time to start.  Issue #29 is the beginning of a "new era."

How does the JSA compare to the JLA?  Have you read this issue?  Do you think the member that got caught from behind will survive or is this another comic book death?
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I'll be honest I've been trying to get back into DC and I just can't do it. It's seems like they've gotten more campy and B movie then ever. Maybe it's just cause I've been away from them for so long.

I did like your point of how many guys they send, I thought that was pretty funny.
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Finally back on the reviews? That's great news!

I was deciding whether or not to buy this issue. But I tried to wikipedia some history of Justice Society and I just didn't find it interesting enough. Also, what is the roster for the justice league currently? Is Justice League going to get "a new era" soon?

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I should pick this up,especially because Cyclone's in it.
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@Kashimu said:
" Finally back on the reviews? That's great news!I was deciding whether or not to buy this issue. But I tried to wikipedia some history of Justice Society and I just didn't find it interesting enough. Also, what is the roster for the justice league currently? Is Justice League going to get "a new era" soon? "
It does feel like it's been a while since we've done reviews.  Comic-Con kinda took over and then I took a few days off.  We're back.  I might post a second review later today.
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Im really enjoying the JSA , the first issue I ever read was #25 and decided to stay on it for an arc or two and I have a feeling this story could seal the deal for me. I think the feeling in enjoy the most is being so left in dark about everything that is going, because as its been said there are lot of members on the team and I only know about three of them tops, so I don't know what expect after see everything that went down in this issue, but I have a feeling it will be awesome.

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I might get it. Nothing coming out Wed. interests me too much. (that I can think of currently.)
I have JSA 1-7 but I stopped for some unknown reason, So maybe time to get back into them.
Good to have the reviews back. I've missed them.

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I think that's a main reason why I've always loved JSA cause it was more of a family of super heroes. Each hero carries on the lineage of their family member of that hero.
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I'm just waiting to hear if the certain character that got it from behind is really out for the count.

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Yeah thats some pretty cool Art!

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@G-Man: I doubt it one of the best Docs is there(Mid-Nite) and there's no way they would kill him, he is just too terrific and the way in which he was injured just wasn't fairplay.Other than that I don't particularly care for the new characters but that ambush was sweet.I certainly don't know my villains as well as my heroes though because I never heard of most of the villains.Also I agree about not really have much of a connection to the characters other than Flash,Wildcat,or Green Lantern.
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I love JSA i have been reading scene the lighting saga cross over with the JLA.

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King Chimera = <3

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This was a good issue but I might pick up JSA  down the road, maybe

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I'm slightly underwhelmed by this issue. I'm not a fan of Gog. And i'm not sure i want to go where Team Willingham is going. I had stayed away because of the whole Kingdom Come storyline. I really don't want to see Kingdom Come folded into the DCU...

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The art alone looks good enough to buy.
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JSA really has been a very good comic.  You guys should really pick up the early Robinson & Johns TPs.  I've always found JSA to be a bit more enjoyable than JLA, especially in recent years.

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The JSA are cool. They're pretty awesome to say that they're the 1st superhero team still in action. My favourite JSA member is Dr. Mid-Nite, he kicks arse. I also like Alan Scott. 
I bet that at the end of Blackest Night, that all the Black Lanterns will become normal again and that Kal-L will rejoin the JSA. Kal-L was a JSA member wasn't he?

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