Is it time to retire the Nazis?

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Its another year and it seems we have yet another story arc in which a group of heroes are fighting the Nazis.  This time, in the pages of JSA, we find the majority of heroes captured and de-powered with little explanation as of yet as to how or why they got that way.
It seems like two years ago Mr. Terrific was involved in another Nazi related pickle in the pages of JSA:Classified, and several Nazi-related characters were involved in the origin of Citizen Steel.  Before that, we had the League fighting Axis America in the pages of JLA and so forth and so on.
So have the Nazis become nothing more than a villain of convenience?  Does every writer need their whack at the swastika?  Are we so short on creating new situations for established villains, or new villains with new motivations that we have to resurrect a 60+ years defunct political party?  Even Spielberg has finally gotten around to upgrading Indiana to fighting commies.
I can live through another arc, I suppose.  I'm just worried that this is going to become an ongoing theme for the current volume of JSA: every 18 months we get another generic "round with the reich", you know?

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I suppose people like to have their heroes fight off Nazi's because of how bad they are and how good it would look to have their champions beat them.
I agree, if your hero is in the "Now", have him fight radicals, commies, or something other than the Nazi party.

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There are still many around today.

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@Omega Ray Jay said:
" Some Nazis are very much alive and well unfortunately. "
Oh yeah, can't believe that I ignored stuff like this.
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But haven't they pretty much just become an instrument of convenient writing?  Elements of Nazi-ism still exist, but such behavior is universally seen as outdated and laughable.
If a writer needs to come up with an enemy for whom the audience will have absolutely no sympathy, aren't the Nazi's an all-to-easy answer?  Where's the creative thinking?

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