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Isis Insanity

The Story: 

Black Adam finally finds Isis who returns much different than she was before. 

My Thoughts:

This trade collects the last few issues of Geoff Johns run on the series. Jerry Ordway steps in and writes the following issues which didn't impress me very much. He also assumes artist duties and perhaps this series lacked the normal standard of quality because he was simply trying to do too much.

I liked the opening story involving Black Adam and the Marvel family. It was pretty interesting especially seeing the way Isis was acting. I think this series is at its strongest when the focus is on the team being a family. The little moments tend to be more powerful than these "epic" battles they wind up involved in. Stargirl's birthday party was a nice, fun change of pace that showed superheroes in a different way than typically seen.

The last couple issues involving the Spectre felt like a drag. The writer failed to pull me into the story. The whole concept did nothing for me. I wasn't crazy about some of the dialogue either. Atom Smasher threw Damage at the enemy and asks what his free throw percentage was at U.S.C. which I thought was corny. 

The art is by Jerry Ordway and Dale Eaglesham (issue #26). Ordway's style wasn't too bad. I only had small problems with his art in the beginning such as the way characters faces appeared. His work improved as the book progressed. Unfortunately Dale Eaglesham only drew one issue. He was a good fit for this series. Hopefully the series won't suffer in the art department going forward. Alex Ross delivers a few more incredible covers for this series. 

Overall this was a little bit of a disappointment to me. I love the JSA and became a huge fan at the beginning of this series. Geoff Johns had laid the groundwork for an incredible series and I can only hope in his absence, this series won't go downhill now.  

Rating: 3/5

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