reaper2923's Justice Society of America #7 - Indestructable review

Quiet it took me a little while to write this.

I've had this comic for about a week or tow maybe three, IDK I lose track of the days during summer. So what are my thoughts on this comic, well Starman finally has himself a sloppy joe and well that fulfilled one of my needs. On the other hand I didn't expect Citizen Steel to start out his superhero career as a whinny pin head, seriously the guy complains about everything intially even his costume which I think looks awesome. But you kind of get a little reasoning why he doesn't like it and well I think it's nice that we finally get to see Nathan out of his coma and beat the living pants off of nazis and I do like the reasons for him wearing his suit along with his powers that he has. So all in all Starman finally eats a sloppy joe (you know you've been waiting for this moment) and well it's a good story, just I really didn't care for Citizen Steel's whinning but I'm sure it's understandable and you could put up with it me I'm just annoyed easily. But it is nice to see an origin story along with some good ol fashion JSA beating the pants off of common criminals. 92/100 Art is still good, no longer in that confusing JLA crossover (in which to understand it you have to buy JLA it was the previous story arc in 5 and 6), and the story is good.

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