mask_of_tengu's Justice Society of America #7 - Indestructable review

Does Superman want a Manwich?

The Answer is yes...Superman does want a Manwich and he eats one with Starman. He is a very entertaining character. He make me laugh at every turn as in when he is showing Supes that he is proud of his gravity powers and he flattens a carton of milk and some of it gets in Clark's face...funny funny funny.

Other than that I do not know how I feel about this Citizen Steel. He feels really emo. I understand why...and he can't feel anything...but he is a downer...maybe he will get one else was really spotlit. Overall drop dead gorgeous cover, the art inside was good, and of course if Johns writes is bound to be great. Or at least ok...DC's answer to Bendis everyone.

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