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Justice Rose is a member of the New York City Police Department and daughter of Henrietta Rose
She and her husband Richard took in her mother after she was abducted by aliens. She truly didn't believe her mother but loved her just the same. She has to constantly argue with her husband over her mother.
She was on duty when a naked man jumped from the roof in what appeared to be a suicide attempt. He claimed to not know who he was and labeled John Doe. It was then that the Silver Surfer attacked New York City. This was really a clay copy. The man who had no memory was actually Norrin Radd.
Her mother then fell into some kind of shock. The Silver Surfer came to her aid but Justice didn't trust the alien. He easily held her back from stopping him help Henrietta. He was able to chase the alien, known as the Other, away from her. He then took Justice and Henrietta to a different location. He was able to show Henrietta's memory to both of them. He learned what he needed about the Other and Justice learned that her mother had always been telling the truth.

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