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When gang members get hold of high-tech weapons, the Justice League is called in. But when one of those weapons is the atomic-powered Mr. Atom, it might not be that easy for the League to save the day!


Vibe’s brother Armando has joined the El Lobos gang, Vibe goes to bail him out of Jail and confronts the rest of the gang. Later it is revealed that Armando stole a command module from S.T.A.R. Labs, so that the El Lobos could trade Dr. Sivana for weaponry. Dr. Sivana uses this command module to restore Mister Atom to life. He plans to use Mister Atom to destroy and the entire Marvel family. Meanwhile, Vibe has formed a task force of Justice League heroes to take out the El Lobos. The task force made up of Vibe, Batman, Black Canary, Black Lightning, Gypsy and Ragman is then thrust into a battle with Mister Atom. Armando, Vibe’s brother prevents the gang-leader Jaime from shooting Ragman in the back and Vibe is able to demolish Mister Atom. Jaime then takes Armando hostage but Armando is able to take him down. Armando goes with the cops and has apparently learned his lesson.

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