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Justice League: The New Frontier 0

Intro -I've gotta say that I like the story for this movie, it has a pretty clear narrative: Giant alien monster wants to destroy Earth, superheroes have to work together to destroy it. The characters are already well established and the origins have barely changed, so it's not like we are going to get something that can't be justified one way or another. I have also just noticed how much I've written, so if you want to skip me babbling on for ages just look at the conclusion part at the bottom....

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Almost There 0

This direct-to-dvd adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's award-winning six-issue limited series takes on a number of different characters and features a soft rendition of the conflicts the heroes of the New Frontier would have to face before uniting against a seemingly all-powerful threat. The Premise As a mysterious psychic entity known as "The Centre" (Keith David) threatens to destroy the Earth, a number of unlikely heroes struggle to work together in an ever hostile society.  The Good The look of eve...

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DC Comics greatest animated film 0

 In 2008 Bruce Timm brought us Justice League: The New Frontier a step up from JL:Crisis on Two earths which was actually really good, a major step up from Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, but tied with Batman: Under The Red Hood. The film is an adaptation of Darwyn Cooke's graphic novel The New Frontier. The film's basic story is that an entity known as the Centre wishes to eradicate earth of all human life, sounds simple but instead it turns out be a deep story dealing with the social issues o...

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Justice League is Fantastic!!!!!!!!! 0

I really enjoyed this movie because it is Darwyn Cooke's award-winning comic and it is really great. The story takes place in the 50's and tells how Hal jordan became Green Lantern, how Batman changed his costume to be more friendly and see how the Justice League first came together. The story is great and cast is also great like Jeremy Sisto was great Batman, Kyle MacLachlan was great as Superman and David Boreanaz as Green Lantern. The Flash was great as well and so was the cast. The Justice L...

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