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An entertaining movie

Before I start, I want to make it clear that I’ve only been reading comics for about a year now, so I don’t have as great a grasp on the characters on some of these characters as some of the other people on this site. Also, I did not read the comic this was based on; so I can't say how good this is compared to the original story.


The Good:

The Concept - I love stories with alternate universes and/or timelines, as long as they’re handled well. This is one of the best alternate timeline stories I’ve seen on film. Everything is just similar enough to be recognizable, but different enough to make the story enjoyable.

Flash: They made Barry a very interesting character in this, with both his personality and his powers. His lighter personality also contrasted nicely with the darker world he finds himself in.

The Fights: I loved most of these fights (see below). The scene on the boat was pretty awesome, and I thought the super-speed battle was cool pretty cool visually.

The Backgrounds: While I thought that some of the animation was off, the places they found themselves looked incredible.

The Voices: The voice actors did an incredible job, especially the people who played Flash and the alternate Batman.

The Bad:

The Violence - I understand that most of the world is a war zone, but I think they could’ve had that come across without showing as much killing as they did. One scene in particular bothered me with how it was shown and took some likeability away from the fight it was in. It’s not a major issue, but it’s bad enough.

The Animation – Again, it’s not a major issue, but it did bug me at certain points; especially with Superman. I agree with some people on the site who say that his head’s too small at the beginning of the movie, and when he shows up later he’s too thin (even taking into account the explanation they give) and ends up looking more like Mr. Fantastic than the Man of Steel in my opinion.


I liked this movie. The fights were entertaining and the world that Flash found himself in was more than dark enough to make you want for everything to be fixed. I’d give it four and a half stars, but, since I can’t, I’m bumping it down to four stars.

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