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Judgment Day, part 2 of 6. The initial assault on the Overmaster’s ship by the Justice League fails, as Booster Gold is struck down by Devastator. With one man down and Ice disappeared, the League is forced to retreat. The team brings an armless Booster back to the Justice League’s New York City embassy, where doctors begin life-saving surgery. Wonder Woman and Captain Atom come to blows over the next course of action, while a team of Justice League reservists (led by Maya and Lionheart) fall to the Overmaster’s Cadre in Benares, India. When the heroes find out that Maya’s team has fallen, Captain Atom wants a second strike, but Wonder Woman refuses. Soon, Central City disappears at the hands of the Overmaster’s flying brain swarm. This spurs Captain Atom to defy a U.N. sanction and launch a second team. Wonder Woman tries to stop him, but the Leaguers break up the fight. Captain Atom leaves with half the League, while the other half stare after them dumbly. The remaining Leaguers discover from Blue Beetle that Booster Gold has flatlined.

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