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When Elongated Man and Sue Dibny are taken hostage by the Royal Flush Gang, the Justice League reunites to rescue them in "Team Work".

Ralph and Sue Dibny are at the grand opening of Funny Stuff Park in Florida, with a large group of ambassadors from the United Nations, when the Royal Flush Gang attacks and hold everyone hostage in the Alice in Wonderland Castle. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle hear the distress call and with the aid of Fire and Ice fly in The Bug to save the ambassadors.

Superman who also hears the distress call flies from Metropolis and gets there first. The Royal Flush Gang, hinting that they are sponsored by someone very powerful, are prepared for the man of steel and are able to subdue him.

When Booster and Beetle’s team show up they are beaten back by the Royal Flush Gang and are forced to call in reinforcements, Power Girl, Metamorpho and Guy Gardner. The Royal Flush gang is prepared for them too, revealing that there benefactor is the Weapons Master and he wants Guy’s Green Lantern Ring.

Guy is quickly knocked out and Ice is forced to use the ring to communicate with Hal Jordan, who arrives on the scene with Wally West, Crimson Fox, Aquaman and Dr. Light. They are able to free Superman, and stop the Royal Flush Gang.

Superman, who was previously against joining the Justice League, is convinced by Hal that he is truly need and that the League needs to survive.

Note: In this issue there is references to Elongated Man #4, Justice League Europe #36, and Green Lantern #22

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