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And now for something completely different as JLQ takes a new direction, with regular features. All over the world, members of the League are being mysteriously attacked, their powers stolen! Plus, three all-new back-up features: Fire and Ice, the Global Guardians, and General Glory.

Be Careful What You Wish For- Professor Ivo has sent several of his most advanced robots out to collect the meta powers of some of Earth's more powerful metas. They are able to ambush Geo-force, Valor, Red Star and Rebis before the JLI knows anything is happening. It isn't until Starman crashes into Guy Gardner and Blue Beetle, before J'onn discovers what is happening and calls a meeting. The team comes up with a plan to patrol New York in teams and try to draw out some of the robots.

It is not long until Ice, Guy and Powergirl get jumped. Powergirl loses her powers and Guy is knocked out. The robot flies off and Ice takes Guy's ring and "wishes" to fly after the robot. He leads her back to Ivo where Ice gets trapped. Ivo explains to her due to his immortality serum he can not die but he is in so much pain he wishes he could. He sent the robots out to collect the powers to use on him to finally kill himself.

When the JLI show up Ivo sends some of his robots to stop them and orders the other to kill him, but it doesn't work. Ice breaks free of her cell and takes pity on Ivo and "wishes" him healthy. He becomes young and human again, he calls off his robots and vows to help the JLI re-power the metas he hurt. Ice returns Guy's ring and realizes she is more powerful then she thought.

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