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Not recommended for you.

There were fantastic moments in the story, when Aquaman shut Hal Jordan up by showing his abilities, the battle scenes between the various Justice League characters, and the appearances of Darkseid's minions including Desaad, Steppennwolf, and the Parademons. Also, the Cyborg moment was one to remember, especially with the inclusion of future villains like Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow. Unfortunately, these were few in the story.

First off, they absolutely butchered Hal Jordan as a character. I do realize it was five years ago, but Hal Jordan was never ever close to Guy Gardner's personality. Being an arrogant jerk that makes fun of Batman, blaming everything on others, and is selfish rather than selfless is absolutely destroying who he is. Geoff Johns did poor work on a character he's established for so long.

Batman is usually an important character in any story. Too bad, Justice League: Origin portrayed Batman badly. Seriously, taking off his mask and saying his secret identity to someone he has just started working with is something Batman never does. In fact, Hal Jordan had been being such a jerk to Batman, there's even lesser reason he would give away his identity. The main moment that was stupid was when Hal Jordan didn't recognize who Bruce Wayne was. Everyone knows who Bruce Wayne is. He essentially is the face of Gotham similar to how Lex Luthor is the face of Metropolis.

Some characters weren't important to the story. Let's say Aquaman. Sure, he stabbed Darkseid's eye with his trident and had one great moment with the sharks and all. However, he had little to no supplication to the plot/story. He was just there without much reason, only talking a couple times. He's a great character and giving him a cameo isn't the way to do things.

Cyborg's tragic accident is sad, being a sub-plot in the book. However, his "situation" with his father is not resolved at all. Cyborg should have been painted more mature, ending with him peacefully talking it out with his dad. It shouldn't have suddenly disappeared without further mention.

Another moment was that Darkseid was portrayed terribly. He was basically a physical threat with an army of Parademons. He had few lines and wasn't like the genius strategist he was in the pre-Flashpoint timeline. Last time I checked, he wasn't just a Superman-level threat. He was an Omega-level threat, conquering countless worlds with his insanely genius plans. They didn't even establish his motivations well.

Anyways, I feel like there were good moments and some solid sub-plots but overall, this storyline wasn't nearly as good as it could have been.

Posted by Wolverine08

Yup, Johns didn't anyone well in this book not named Aquaman.


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