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Justice League, Vol. 1: Origin

You will see me say this a lot with DC comic reviews, but his is my first exposure to the Justice League. This origin story does a sufficient job at telling me what I need to know about each character and kicking off the new rebooted series.

The story is somewhat similar to the Avengers film. Several super heroes who previously do not know each other get together because of an alien cube object, have some hysterical infighting, and then fight off an alien invasion. Just like the Avengers film, the action is great, but the interaction of the heroes is what stands out. Moments like GL being too bright while Bats is trying to hide, GL touching WW’s lasso, or Aquaman being picked on before demonstrating what he can really do (which I have to admit, turned my attitude about him right around). Interestingly enough Cyborg’s origin occurs right in the middle of the action, which I suppose is important since Cyborg was not previously in the Justice League, and this helped me out since he was the only character I went into this knowing absolutely nothing about.

The art more than satisfies, and really helps illustrate the non stop action scenes and really make them pop. Every character is handled very well and certainly feels like they belong on the same page together.

I cannot say how long time readers will feel about this restart, as I am not familiar with the way many of these characters were portrayed pre-52, but as a new reader I am very satisfied and found this to be a very well written team book and origin.

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Posted by Bloodwolfassassin

This review is your opinion. You are entitled to that opinion. What's more, I respect your opinion. That said, in my opinion these six issues were nothing but garbage that all the talented people involved, both real and fictitious, should be ashamed of. Jim Lee's artwork rarely lines up with Geoff Johns' dialogue. Batman's paranoia is taken to a ridiculous extreme. Green Lantern does nothing but act like an insufferable show-off. Superman is disturbingly out of character. Flash is only here to act as the Harold to GL's Kumar, Wonder Woman is a Bat'leth and some forehead ridges away from being a Klingon, and Cyborg and Aquaman, the only two members of the core team to escape this mess with their dignity intact are overshadowed by the apparent flaws of their colleagues. That is my opinion. I am entitled to that opinion. Obviously, you disagree with that opinion, and I respect your right to do so.

Posted by DaltonMunnal

@Bloodwolfassassin: Your opinion is fine with me, friend. You won't offend me. Haha. Keep in mind that this is my first introduction to most of these characters and that I've only actually been reading comics for maybe a year and a half, so I'm not being overly critical yet. Thanks for reading.

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