raw_material's Justice League: Origin #1 - Vol. 1 review

Justice League Origin

The Good

Once again, sorry that I've took the time and reviewed something from the past, but I couldn't move on without writing a review about how awesome this book his. I believe this is one of the top best-selling graphic novel alongside other old and New 52 volumes. Geoff Johns did an excellent job in writing the origin of the Justice League for each founding member of JLA, as well as explaining a lot of their personality, powers & abilities, and intentions being. I believe Johns was a perfect fit for the title considering how he is credited in uplifting characters he writes about by expressing their full potential both physically, and mentally. No one could've asked for anyone better to sketch out all these characters than Jim Lee, pioneer of DC artwork, who has literally some of the best sketches I have ever come across within these first couple issues of Justice League. He does an exceptional job on emphasizing on these characters emotions, adding every detail he can without making the art too complex. In addition, Lee does a great job in restructuring and dramatizing the sketches of the superheroes to more of a heroic, hercules type of appearance and think he elevates the characters to becoming what we the people, in our eyes think an idolized superhero should be viewed as. I believe with these two outstanding talents working on the title, it will set new standards for writers, pencilers, and colorists throughout the world of comics and beyond. With inker Scott Williams and colorist Brain Miller from Hi-Fi working on the title, they do an accurate work of coloring in the characters, backgrounds, and shades within the pages, expressing more of a realistic feeling to the story. Including other talents collaborating with Justice League such names are Greg Capullo, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and many more in the DC industry trying to create the building blocks for Justice League.

The way the superheroes are brought about and encounters one another is all-time classics, as well as the battles fought amongst each other, in confusion. They had no clue what was bound to be the greatest team of super-humans the world has ever known. With the people on Earth not knowing who the heroes were at the time and somewhat afraid of them, figured the super-humans had to do something that would gain the peoples' trust, which the main motive of this story. As the superheroes fought alongside each other against the forces of Darkseid and his parademons, Jim Lee does what he does best and creates work of art that is incomparable. His sketches added with the colorings from the crew makes the drawings seem like a movie and builds a more suspenseful feeling, making you think your right there caught up in the action. I believe Johns did an outstanding job in telling the story and couldn't have explained it in a more fitting way.

The Bad

I had nothing that I disliked or took in consideration about the story. I thought Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and the rest of the crew working with Justice League did an exceptional job at explaining the origin of JLA and how it was brought about in the first place.

The Verdict

A mandatory for comic junkies, alike that take notice of JLA and the DC Universe. This is one of the greatest comic books I have ever come across and think this is definitely top of the best-selling graphic novels of our time. So yeah, what are you waiting for, order it through Midtown or stop by your local comic shop, either way this is a must-have.

Posted by Cyclops4President

I love this book,vthis series, and Jim Lee! Great review

Posted by Raw_Material

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