batman9797's Justice League: Origin #1 - Vol. 1 review

this book is great

Justice League #1

This is one of the best justice league books that i have read. it shows the justice league five years ago (at the time meta humans were feared), and how they ban together to face a common threat (Darkseid) and is army of para demons. this story also tells about cyborg's origin story. what is kind of weird to me is why did they have cyborg replace the martian man hunter.The art is drawn by Jim Lee (Batman:Hush, All star Batman and Robin) and is written by Geoff Johns (J.S.A, Green Lantern Rebirth). Overall i think this is one of the best books in Dc Comics the new 52 and I recommend it to anyone.


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    A great entry into the vast universe that is DC's New 52 0

    Offering a wonderful entrance to the new DC Universe, Justice League: Origin documents the beginning of the "super-human age" where superheroes are all feared by citizens, crooks and even the government. After a rough start and constant bickering, seven heroes team up to stop an invasion of aliens from destroying the world.The stellar writing of Geoff Johns and the powerful strokes of Jim Lee bring the DC Universe to life as the two veterans create a new beginning for the biggest heroes in the c...

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    Not recommended for you. 0

    There were fantastic moments in the story, when Aquaman shut Hal Jordan up by showing his abilities, the battle scenes between the various Justice League characters, and the appearances of Darkseid's minions including Desaad, Steppennwolf, and the Parademons. Also, the Cyborg moment was one to remember, especially with the inclusion of future villains like Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow. Unfortunately, these were few in the story.First off, they absolutely butchered Hal Jordan as a character. I ...

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