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this book is great 0

Justice League #1This is one of the best justice league books that i have read. it shows the justice league five years ago (at the time meta humans were feared), and how they ban together to face a common threat (Darkseid) and is army of para demons. this story also tells about cyborg's origin story. what is kind of weird to me is why did they have cyborg replace the martian man hunter.The art is drawn by Jim Lee (Batman:Hush, All star Batman and Robin) and is written by Geoff Johns (J.S.A, Gree...

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Justice League Origin 0

The GoodOnce again, sorry that I've took the time and reviewed something from the past, but I couldn't move on without writing a review about how awesome this book his. I believe this is one of the top best-selling graphic novel alongside other old and New 52 volumes. Geoff Johns did an excellent job in writing the origin of the Justice League for each founding member of JLA, as well as explaining a lot of their personality, powers & abilities, and intentions being. I believe Johns was a per...

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Jim Lee is the Man 0

I haven’t pick up a DC comic in over 10 years. The Justice League was the first title I picked up out of the New 52 and I’m so glad I pick it.The writing is amazing and the artwork is gorgeous. Jim Lee is the man. My favourite artists of all time. What I loved from this title, is the chemistry between the characters. Green Lantern and the Flash are as funnier as ever. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are as cool as ever. In this story they take on Darkseid and his army.DC fans won’t be disappoi...

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Justice League, Vol. 1: Origin 0

You will see me say this a lot with DC comic reviews, but his is my first exposure to the Justice League. This origin story does a sufficient job at telling me what I need to know about each character and kicking off the new rebooted series.The story is somewhat similar to the Avengers film. Several super heroes who previously do not know each other get together because of an alien cube object, have some hysterical infighting, and then fight off an alien invasion. Just like the Avengers film, th...

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Turn this into a film for 2017! 0

This book was Amazingly Epic. Geoff Johns' story brought to life by Jim Lee's art. Loved how every character was introduced. If they turn this into the film for 2017, it's going to be HUGE! Looking forward to the animated feature next year....

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Not recommended for you. 1

There were fantastic moments in the story, when Aquaman shut Hal Jordan up by showing his abilities, the battle scenes between the various Justice League characters, and the appearances of Darkseid's minions including Desaad, Steppennwolf, and the Parademons. Also, the Cyborg moment was one to remember, especially with the inclusion of future villains like Professor Ivo and T.O. Morrow. Unfortunately, these were few in the story.First off, they absolutely butchered Hal Jordan as a character. I ...

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A great entry into the vast universe that is DC's New 52 0

Offering a wonderful entrance to the new DC Universe, Justice League: Origin documents the beginning of the "super-human age" where superheroes are all feared by citizens, crooks and even the government. After a rough start and constant bickering, seven heroes team up to stop an invasion of aliens from destroying the world.The stellar writing of Geoff Johns and the powerful strokes of Jim Lee bring the DC Universe to life as the two veterans create a new beginning for the biggest heroes in the c...

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Jim Lee's art shines over dull writing. 0

Batman is pursuing someone via rooftop and hot on both of their heels are the police. The police see them both as a threat therefore they press their attack. Green Lantern arrives to help Batman, but they lose track of their target. They catch up with him and learn that the suspect is an alien, and because of this they believe it's some how linked to Superman. This takes them to Metropolis where they confront The Man of Steel. -summaryJustice League Vol: 1 Origins happens to be the flagship titl...

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Not in League With Today's Standards 0

I've always been a Marvel fan; perhaps because it was what I was exposed to. My first comic with a Spider-Man Masterworks Collection, and, though I took some time away from it in high school, comics came back to me through Spider-Man once again, but in a... Superior story. I found innovation and excitement again in the story lines presented, the characters shown, the ideas presented. And, in my minds eye, DC represented everything that was stagnation, the past, and was frankly dis-interesting. ...

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Fresh, Young Heroes! (Because Old People are Worthless, Apparently) 0

If the creative team got paid by amount of work done, Jim Lee earned about 18x more than Geoff Johns did. Apparently DC's motto for New 52 was something to the effect of "Since Old People are Worthless!" Making all the superheroes young and brash may have sounded good on paper, but it doesn't read well on paper. Fortunately, Johns gives us almost no dialogue to read, though most of what he gives is petulant ranting, petulant whining, and self-evident observations of actions and whatnot. Virtuall...

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Enjoyable team up story 0

On paper, Origin is a by-the-book standard team up story. You have the main heroes who clash at first but then settle their differences and team up to take on the larger threat. The larger threat in this story is Darkseid but his minions at times seem like more of a threat as Darkseid only makes a few brief appearances. I can understand why Johns used him in the book, it's to suggest a bigger plot is coming and looking at the last few pages in this book, that seems to be the case.The book conta...

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