drreneninja's Justice League of America's Vibe #1 - Not-So-Secret Origin review

Justice League of America's Vibe #1 Review


Before I begin my review proper, let me state that this comic is best read before Justice League of America #1. You're not going to spoil anything in either comic if you don't, they just fit better together that way.

Anyways, I admit when I heard that Andrew Kreisberg was writing Vibe, I wasn't exactly rushing to my LCS to buy as many copies as I could carry. However, after reading this comic this morning, I have to say that Vibe completely blew my expectations out of the water.

You can totally see Geoff John's fingerprints on this title, which is great thing. Johns is really good at elevating a character and making them more prominent (Hawkman, Hal Jordan, Flash, Aquaman), and with a character like Vibe, you can only go up. Luckily for us, Johns and Kreisberg basically strip down and rebuild Vibe from the ground up, losing the breakdancing and stereotypes, and making him far more likable and amicable, along with introducing a supporting cast for Vibe, his family. Vibe reminds me a little bit of a slightly older pre-New 52 Jaime Reyes, which is always a good thing. He's an underdog character with a really interesting superpower set, and I'd like to see him succeed.

The art team of Pete Woods, inker Sean Parsons and colorist Brad Anderson deliver some nice, clean looking art. The art by Woods is definitely better than anything he drew back in Legion Lost. Someof Woods and Parsons beat work is done on the characters, doing a great job bringing all of thrse new characters into the New52. I really enjoyed the art.

This comic is a really great start for the former C-list character Vibe. Interestingly enough, DC is doing a lot of world-building in this comic, and it practically makes Vibe a must read issue. Go out and pick this one up!


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