Would Cyborg Fit Better On The Justice League of America?

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During Flashpoint, Cyborg was the was a combination of Captain America and Iron Man. Without other superheroes like SUperman, Batman, etc. to take up his screen time or around to save the day, Cyborg became a Superman-like figure to the public. And he was very America-centric.

Since the reboot. Cyborg's American heritage has been emphasized, but he has definitely taken a backseat role to the other heroes on the team. He lost all of what made him cool in Flashpoint: his initiative. Could we see Cyborg join the JLA when rosters get shaken up post-Flashpoint? Could we see him start to resemble his cooler Flashpoint iteration?

Could Cyborg become the new Rick Flagg, lol?

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I feel sorry for the character, they put him on a team of A-listers and did nothing to increase his standing in the DCU. As of now he is the glorified tech support guy of the JL. I think it would have been better to have him start with the Teen Titans.

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agree. he needs to develop. then get an on-going. then maybe jla.

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@outlawrenegade: I think he should lead the JLA. The government agent Cyborg in Flashpoint is my favorite interpretation of the character. He was important. He was a leader. He was powerful and useful. You can't ask for more from a character. Justice League is all about the Trinity. If Cyborg were moved to JLA and given the chance to lead he could grow.

He also needs his own back-up pages like Shazam did. We have all these pieces in the New 52 that are weakly linked to Cyborg that should have stronger links including: his father, his girlfriend, Ivo, Morrow, the Red Room, Argus, Amazo (who is in the Red Room), Ryan Choi, Arthur Light, Mr. Orr, Amanda Waller, etc. After a few years on JLA, he can move back onto the Justice League.

Once Cyborg has been used and given the chance to actually be sold to people, he could probably hold his own ongoing. I don't want him to be demoted to teen titan status. DC should keep to their promise of turning him into an A-list character, and all the a-listers are on the Justice League. It would be dumb of them to have wasted all of that time, money, and effort to associate Cyborg with the Justice League (Injustice, JL: Doom, JL: Flashpoint Paradox, JL Swag, etc.) only to not use him all of a sudden just because the comics writers never gave him a shot.

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