Wonder Woman and Justice League: Generation Lost

#1 Posted by TheAntiVillain (76 posts) - - Show Bio

Am i missing something? Can anyone explain to me why no one remembers Wonder Woman?

#2 Posted by Mainline (1158 posts) - - Show Bio

We're not entirely sure either since it's a surprise to Max Lord too... but the most plausible reason is that Max accidentally erased Wonder Woman from the most of the world's memories when he erased himself from the world's memories.

#3 Posted by humanfly26 (1553 posts) - - Show Bio

i guess that makes some sort of sense since she's the one who killed him. i think that's what we call "Comic Logic"

#4 Posted by johnny_spam (2182 posts) - - Show Bio

I think it is because of her own reboot history was altered so no one but the JLI and Maxwell Lord remembers her.

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