Will DC & JLA be running in to a Continuity Problem w/ the Future

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Comics have been being written for decades now and with as slow as the time stream seems to movie in the comic world, it was only a matter of time before It started running in to its own future predictions. 


Above is supposed to be the futre JLA of 2039 from what im told. If that is right this will have to be changed to an alternate universe future or some changes are gonna have to start happening soon. Warhawk is the son of John Stewart and Hawkgirl, We currently dont have an aquagirl, the GL in the picture does not exist from what we know of and we definitely dont have one that looks like him from earth. If im right this is actually based off the tv show but it is a comic none the less. 
So what do you think will happen, do you think the future will finally become the present or do you think things will continue to go the way they have been and just ignore this future possibility?
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Its almost three decades later, let them figure it out when the year comes close

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k, 28 years but you Warhawk looks to be about that age. Plus This probably isnt the first time. I would be suprised if early comics didnt make future predictions around the year 2000
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Batman Beyond is not in DC continuity.
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@DEGRAAF: Dude, that's Earth 12. Nothing to do with New Earth.
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They moved them into the comics? I remember that episode of Batman Beyond. It was a good one. 

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so long as they keep the current line up i dont care, wut they do.
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Continuity problem?  They'll cross that bridge when they come to it.
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thank you
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They'll fix it in "No really this is the Last Crisis"

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