Who is your favorite of the original JLA?

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Poll: Who is your favorite of the original JLA? (53 votes)

Superman 30%
Batman 25%
Wonder Woman 17%
Flash 15%
Green Lantern 17%
Martian Manhunter 28%
Aquaman 19%
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I went with the Martian! His power set and versatility are awesome.

Also liked Green Lantern mainly, because of their general constructs and their ability to create so many different things with them from animals to armor to weapons to random stuff like giant trampalines.

Batman was also considered because of his use of tech including mechs now.

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John Stewart on JLTAS

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Sups because I excited for the " Man of Steel" movie coming out.

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What era JLA are we talking about? Because I love the way they're shown in JLA (97-06) as opposed to the Justice League of Americas book from 06 - 11. And so on...

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shouldn't the question be who are/is your favorite?

I mean or else why make it multiple choice?

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batman wasnt an original JLA. he came later to boost sales.

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how dit the flash and up as lowste?

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All of them.

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I like them all, but Flash (Barry Allen) is my favorite.

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Huh, you can vote for more than one at a time now. I voted J'onn and Barry.

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I voted GL, but now I wish I could add a vote for J'onn

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@the_stegman said:

I like them all, but Flash (Barry Allen) is my favorite.

This, definitely this!

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Batman and Aquaman !

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Either MM or Supes.

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I dunno, how about the guy they remove because pressure for a more diverse cast?

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Still can't believe they removed the Manhunter.

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Pleasantly surprised by the Manhunter support on this thread.

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Martian Manhunter

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I voted Superman because he's my favorite JLA member.

Green Lantern because he's my second favorite JLA member.

And Batman because he's my third favorite JLA member.

I would've voted for Green Arrow too, he's my fourth. But sadly, he didn't make your list. So I voted Aquaman, because he's my fifth.

I like Flash and MMH, but not THAT much.

Wonder Woman, IMO is lame.

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