Who is the Justice Leagues...

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 Who is the Justice Leagues greatest foe?I don't mean the DCU but rather the Justice League. Anyway let me know your opinion.  

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Darkseid? I think he's every living things greatest foe...

#3 Posted by magicman620 (235 posts) - - Show Bio

Any other opinions?

#4 Posted by Crom-Cruach (8935 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe Luthor

#5 Posted by moshimoshi (63 posts) - - Show Bio

I recall Dr. Light being in alot of issues, I dunno... Im still going with darkseid

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'Specially Major Disaster....or Bruce.....well he could be. 
#7 Posted by Clara Mass (8403 posts) - - Show Bio

Its obviously Starro the Conqueror...duhhh

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Lex. He was the leader of the Legion of Doom. I mean, come on! ;-)

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your all wrong its amazo and the crime syndicate. who better to take u down then ur self

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