Which member of the X-Men would you have in the JLA and why?

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If you could pick 1 member of the X-men to be in the JLA who would it be and why?

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I think Colossus or Kitty Pride would fit best just from their nature and background, essentially their seeming want to not kill and childishly see good in people. 
I would like to see someone like Emma Frost or Nightcrawler on the team tho. I think they would make new and interesting contributions to the team.
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None of them, though some of them know how to work as a team, the JLA is the JLA and the X-Men are the X-Men, they just don't mesh together.  Some of the X-Men would be so used to working with a more team dynamic they'd instantly try to tell the others what to do, or how to work better as a team. 

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Madrox would be a great aset to the JLA.
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Probably Iceman you would fit in with Flash Fire and other fun funny guys
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Everytime I think of JLA, I can't for the life of me name many telepaths... only Martin Manhunter comes to mind...Saturn Girl too, but she is Legion... so I think JLA needs more telepaths, and I think Psylocke would fit in the best because not only is she powerful ability wise but also a great combatant!

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Cable, because at his most powerfull he's the strongest telekenitic in Marvel.

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