Where to start?

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Hey Viners,

I'm looking to read up on some JLA. I'm strictly looking at the series available via the iPad app though.

Anyone have suggestions on which series are the best?

JLA 1997-2006 (quite a few in this run)

JLA Year One

JLA Classified


Justice League - Cry For Justice

Justice League - Generation Lost

Justice Vol 1

Justice League of America, '06-'011

Justice League - The Rise of Arsenal

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The first JLA you mentioned (97-06) starts off amazing and goes very strong for a long time. It's my favorite JLA book thus far. However, in my opinion, the last couple of years for the book gets stale because they get too emotional and focus only on the big 7 where as in the beginning of the book they have a lot of colorful members join.

JLA 06 - 11 was decent. It had a pretty good cast, very different from the previous books, but also gets very stale once the big 3 leave. Then it seems like a totally different book when the 2nd generation (titans) take over the league but it gets better. (sorry if I spoiled some)

Justice is an elseworlds book that only runs a few issues, but totally worth the read. I loved it. It's like Kingdom Come, basically. Puts all the heroes to their limits.

JLA/TITANS is only 3 issues and is a decent read. I just happened to read them yesterday actually. I enjoyed it but some may thing it was bad. Personal taste kind of book, I believe.

I haven't read JLA Year One or Classified...or Generation lost but I heard GL is okay.

I do plan on reading Cry for Justice and Rise of Arsenal but I heard MANY bad things about CrJ but nothing for RoA.

I hope this helps. To narrow it down definitely read most of JLA and some of Justice League of America. PIck up Justice. The rest is up to you. :-)

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I'd say Justice League of America '06 to '11 is a great place to start. I started reading Justice League around this time and I loved the stories and felt that they were a good introduction.

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JLA 1997-2006 is totally worth the read. You have some great storylines in there, including the Tower of Babel. Morrison's/Waid's JLA was fantastic.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: @Tunsieon: @Gambit1024:

Cool, thanks for all the tips!

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The beginning of '97-'06 was really strong, but it kind of lost momentum a little after Tower of Babel.

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JLA 1997-2006 (quite a few in this run): The first TPB is quite good, start there.

JLA Year One: dont know

JLA Classified: dont know

JLA/Titans: from what I heard, techinis imperative is quite good

Justice League - Generation Lost: i heard this was one of the best series

Justice Vol 1: pretty good, go from book 1 up.

Justice League of America, '06-'011

Justice League - Cry For Justice Do not pick these books up, if you want to know why, look here.and here

Justice League - The Rise of Arsenal

even if u still want to read them, at the very least you get a free preview

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@ThanoStomp: The JLA series is awesome. And Justice League: Generation Lost is one of my all-time favorite series.

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